Desert Thunder swimmers continue with strong swims and best times on second day

The second day of racing at the Senior State Championships brought several great swims and best times from the Desert Thunder seniors!

Increasing their overall best times percentage, Desert Thunder seniors made huge moves in the rankings at the meet. The biggest move of the day came from Elena Burr, who jumped from 83rd overall to 43rd, dropping six seconds in her 200 freestyle! Also swimming to best times and moving up in rank in the morning were Drew Barlow, Justin Dawson, Lindsey Hartman, Alec Lezcano, Lexie Lezcano, and Brandon Turley.

Cory Basselen and Abhishek Rajadas moved high enough to return to finals. Abhishek dropped six seconds in his 200 backstroke to jump from 34th to 15th.

Returning to finals, Cory posted a best time of 1:20.14 to finish 13th! Abhishek held on to his 15th place to add the final points for the evening for Desert Thunder.

Racing concludes today at the Phoenix pool with several strong opportunities for the seniors!

Go Thunder!