Summer Leaguers stellar at Skagit YMCA dual meet

BURLINGTON, WA - It was my pleasure to attend the first Summer League meet of the season last Thursday evening, July 7th, in Burlington/Mt. Vernon.

I would like to recognize all of the Summer Leaguers who participated in their first meet, several of whom took part in the “I’m-swimming-my-first-race” dance and the “I’m-not-scared” dance just before swimming their events in order to focus their energy in a positive way and calm any nerves.

I would say that the Swimmer of the Meet goes to Miss Larah Graham, a young Summer Leaguer who exemplified 'rolling with the punches' even when faced with adversity at this meet, when her goggles broke right before one of her events. She was a bit set back by this at first, but shook it off within moments and went on to swim a fantastic race.

All of the swimmers who participated in this meet did a great job, and I would also like to thank all of the parents who helped by directing kids to their races- your support is greatly appreciated!!

Way to go to everyone who was a part of this meet - you’re all awesome.

-Coach Chelsea