Tech Suits... a note from the coaches


Q. Why would the Loggerhead coaches want my swimmer to wear a ‘slower’ suit?

A. There are multiple responses to this question because there are multiple reasons we have a no tech suit policy outside of championship meets.

The first reason would be that we are emphasizing what the swimmer is capable of and we do not want them to become psychologically attached to a suit and that it is the suit that is making them fast.  No, it is the training and hard work that is making them fast!

Secondly, it is the desire of the coaching staff to see the entire team show up to a swim meet with PROPERLY FITTING Loggerhead team suits.  Questions have been arising as to what is a properly fitted suit?  For boys wearing jammers you should not be able to pinch the fabric on the thigh.  For girls wearing recordbreakers you should not be able to pinch the midriff are of the suit and the suit should be very snug against the swimmers chest.  You do not ‘grow into’ your competition suit.  To keep this in mind… most high school girls wear 26, 28, and 30’s.  There is a GOOD chance that your 10 and Under girls DO NOT wear a similar size. 

Cost is also a major reason we do not want technical suits to become a common sight on our team.  A Speedo Fastskin (I & II) both have a life span of 6-8 wears.  That puts your swimmer into the zone of needing three suits a year at about $100 a purchase for girls.  As we swim as a team we would very much to keep away from a ‘have and have not’ attitude, which is a big reason that high school swimming pre-emptively banned technical suits prior to the big 2009 ban by USA Swimming.

Lastly, the end of the season taper reason.  When we taper off at the end of a season your swimmer will be totally prepared mentally and physically to swim fast.  The added benefit of the technical suit will be seen to the swimmer as a tool, not a crutch, to swim faster.  They know what they can achieve without it and they understand the benefits associated with it.  This is also economically feasible as you might get away with one suit every other season; a much better alternative than three per year.

In conclusion we are looking out for your swimmer, that is what we are here for.  We are also here as a coaching staff to make your swimmer faster, so please understand that is the reason for our policies.  We are keeping our policy of no technical suits except for:

1.     Championship Meets

2.     Last Chance Meets

3.     At Finals (in a prelims finals meet) Decision to be made by the coach

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your continued support of Loggerhead Aquatics!

-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff

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