Postoll-Harper Wrecking Crew Lead Stingrays in Augusta!

Rebecca Postoll and Tyler Harper lead the Stingrays last weekend to a blistering fast AG State Meet in Augusta. Rebecca, on her way to earning High Point honors, making the Zone Team and a Junior National time in the 200 Freestyle, won 5 individual events. Tyler lead the boys side of the team by making the Zone Team as well placing in the top 5 in 5 events. (You can see all our results in the "What's New" section on our Home Page.)

Some of our highlights:

1500 FR: Rebecca Postoll-1st, Tyler Harper-3rd, Caitlin McHugh-5th, Matthew Wyatt-10th, Finley Billings-13th

400 FR: Rebecca Postoll-1st, Tyler Harper-4th, Caitlin McHugh-12th, Matthew Wyatt-15th 

200 FR: Rebecca Postoll-1st, Tyler Harper-3rd 

100 FR: Rebecca Postoll-1st, Anna Lofton-10th, Belle Barry-15th

50 FR: Rebecca Postll-2nd, Anna Lofton 10th

50 BK: Anna Lofton-9th

100 BK: Rebecca Postoll-1st, Anna Lofton-12th, Mary Beckwith-13th, Allison Hunter-16th, Tyler Harper-16th

200 BK: Rebecca Postoll-2nd, Mary Beckwith-6th, Anna Lofton-14th, Allison Hunter-16th

100 BRST: Andy Strausberger-9th, Lauren O'Malley-10th

200 BRST: Andy Strausberger and Lauren O'Malley both 15th

100 FLY: Tyler Harper-8th, Rebecca Postoll-9th

200 FLY: Tyler Harper-4th, Jenni Ciesielski-8th, Belle Barry-10th, Caitlin McHugh-15th

200 IM: Tyler Harper-4th

400 IM: Rebecca Postoll-2nd, Tyler Harper-7th

Congratulations to all our Stingrays for their sportsmanship, enthusiasm and spirit! It was great to see the energy for our Relays and a couple of awesome touch-outs. Coach Andy and Coach Pike were very proud to see so many of you come back to Finals and cheer on your Teammates. Keep that energy going. Senior State is this weekend!