Important News about Champs

It's time to get excited for the JSL Championship Meet.  There will be a lot of information coming your way this week and I hope you are as excited as the swimmers.  We usually see lots of personal best swims at champs and the kids have a great time getting into the excitement!

For today  - please check the team websites after 8 pm tonight to see what volunteer positions we have to fill and sign up to complete one.  All of the jobs this year have several relief timers so that you can get a break, something to eat, watch your swimmer, etc... so please don't be afraid to volunteer.

Check out the information for parents and swimmers that is posted on the JSL Website.  It gives lots of information and suggestions on what to pack, bring, expect, etc..  You can see this document by clicking here.

Save time between 4 and 8 pm on Thursday night to come out to Cuppa Joe on Route 15 just north of  the Fluvanna High School.  During that time we will be issuing the bands the swimmers need to wear at champs.  Each swimmer is given a color coded band (complete with their events written on it) to wear at champs. We will put it on the swimmer and they will have to keep it on until after they swim at Champs.  This is their pass to get down on deck for the meet.  We do not get extras so it is important that we make sure the swimmer gets it and the correct band.  IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT ON THURSDAY YOU NEED TO PLAN TO BE AT THE TEAM TENT 15 MINUTES EARLIER THAN THE TIME WE SAY FOR WARM-UPS AT THE MEET.

If you have questions let us know and watch your email for more info this week.