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Fall Groupings and Schedule/ Meet Schedule

Hello all Aquacowboys Families, it's been an awesome summer for our team.  Here is some information on Fall groupings and schedules.  We are excited about the new programming and the opportunities it will provide our swimmers for improvement.  Please email Coach Alex if you have any questions about your child's placement or about scheduling.  Please note, the Senior practice is early in Wednesdays and the Junior 1 practice is later on Wednesdays.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our team and of your children!  The meet schedule is posted on the Events section of our website. 




  Pre-Comp 4:30-5:00 pm  M-F  

Novice Black 3:45-4:30pm M-F

Ella C., Nick R., Jack R., Sophia B., Hannah Y., Sarah Y., Gillian M., Asha, William M.    


Novice Gold 3:45-4:45pm M-F  

Jessica A., Jacob, Kinsey, Melinda, Alden, Megan, Minh-Nha, Nick, Kristof, Sophia, Faith, Sasha, Katie, Paige, Julia, Chloe, Sarah   

Junior 1 3:45-5:00pm MTuThF, Wed 5-6:15pm

Jacqueline, Zander, Vik, Victoria, Taber, Jared H., Jared T., Kristina, Franco, Daiki, Ben, Larissa, Orion, Araceli, Hannah, Hunter


Junior 2, 4:45-6:15pm M-F, 8-9am Sat

Gabe, Annemarie, Paige d., Caroline, Matthew, Nicolette, Sofia, Victoria M., Celine, Jessica, VJ, Brandon, Collin T., Megan W., Chris G., Sydney


Pre-Senior, 4:45-6:30pm M-F, Tu/Th 6:00-7:00 am, Sat 8:30-10:00 am

Jared B., Taylor, Tori, Jenna, Megan F., Josh, Desiree, Briana, Adrianna, Tucker, Turner


Senior, 4:15-4:45 d-land, 5:00-6:30pm swim. MTuThF, 2:30-5:00pm W,  M/Tu/Th/F 6:00-7:15 am, Sat 7-10:30 am

Nathan, Allie, Cat, Haley, Andrew, Nina, Katie, Sarah, Trent, Shelby, Alex W., Alex G., Leah, Shahini