Clippers Break Team Record in National Rankings


Clippers Break Team Record in National Rankings

This summer has been a very successful season for the Clippers and every swimmer who competed should be very proud of what they accomplished. As a team we reached a milestone that all swimmers should be patting themselves on the back for. So far we have scored 183,263 points in our national rankings. With swimmers still preparing for Senior Nationals, Juniors and Zones we still have a chance to add onto this number. The 183,000+ points is nearly 8,000 more points than any other season in team history. The remarkable swims we had at Age Group Regionals, Senior Meet, JO’s and Sectionals contributed a majority of these points making this a whole team success story.

These rankings are based on 18&unders in the country. With over 2,500 swim teams in the country our current ranking of 36th is very impressive. USA Swimming does not divide these rankings out based on team size, so a team our size 192(currently tied as the 8th largest team in Ohio) puts us up with team much larger than we are. Most teams in the top 40 are mega teams that are made up of 400+ swimmers and multiple sites for training including the largest team in the country who has nearly 2,000 swimmers on the team. Hands down we are getting some of the best results in the country and every swimmer makes a difference in our program. Congratulations to all .


(Long Course Meters)
2003-2004 LCM  139,126 81st place
2004-2005 LCM  147,810 60th place
2005-2006 LCM  158,424 54th place
2006-2007 LCM  160,903 58th place
2007-2008 LCM  170,624 45th place 
2008-2009 LCM  168,277 61st place
2009-2010 LCM  175,379 52nd place
2010-2011 LCM  183,263 36th place