REAL Championship check in / scratch procedures

Hello REAL Championship TEAM,

Below is a note from the head referee explaining some of the rules that will be in effect this weekend in Petaluma, please read:

First, I just noticed that when the meet was sanctioned Pacific Swimming Sanctions changed the "Check-In" paragraph of the meet sheet without telling us.  Check-in for the first event of the day will close 30 minutes before the session starts, as usual.  For all subsequent events check-in will close 60 minutes before the estimated start of the first heat.  Please be sure that your swimmers are aware of this change.  I don't know who is in charge of Clerk of Course this year, but they need to be told about this change. 
The other change is the no-show rule for trials and finals meets.  Please read the "Scratches" paragraph of the meet sheet very carefully.  The rule says that a swimmer who misses an event during prelims will be barred from the rest of his/her events that day including relays.  The only exception is that if they previously qualified for finals they will still be seeded in that final.  According to Pacific Swimming this rule applies regardless of whether the missed event is a prelim or a timed final. 
Last year I was accepting declared false starts from finalists, and moving alternates into those heats.  I have been told that is not the right procedure.  A finalist who does not want to swim the event will be required to sit on the block when their heat is called.  The only time we can move an alternate into a heat of finals is if one of the finalists fails to show up.  Otherwise we will have an empty lane.  A failure to show up for a heat of finals results in being barred from the rest of the meet if the swimmer was one of the original sixteen qualifiers. 
Thanks for  your support & GO NEPTUNES!!