Exeter Swim Team Partners
Updates from Juniors and Zones

Hello from Palo Alto!

Kyra arrived on Saturday and I followed her today and we aresafe and sound in sunny/beautiful Palo Alto California. TheStanford campus is breathtaking, and the aquatics facility isleaving me speechless. I'm truly in awe- we'll post some picturestomorrow! Two 50 meter pools end-to-end, with a 25 yard pool andsome warm down area on top of that just behind the long coursepools, and seating all over the place- a truly spectacular venue.

Kyra warmed up this afternoon with about 200-300 other athletesjust getting into town, and there is just a buzz around this place-the energy from the athletes and coaches is so incredible. Thereshould be some FAST swimming this week!

The Zones athletes had their team workout and meetings today,and from all accounts they went well. Those 8 athletes (Morganne,Jill, Mara, Corinne, Sophie, Izzy, CJ and Zach) will be leaving forPenn State on Tuesday morning.

I'm going to have Kyra posting some updates from her point ofview the rest of this week, and hopefully I can get some updatesfrom Zones posted as well- keep in mind I'm 3 hours behind, so theymay not be until later in the night!

This is truly an amazing time for Exeter Swim Team- we haveathletes at 3 meets this week... GSSA Champs (finishing 2ndoverall!) in Manchester, NH... Eastern ZONES in State College,PA...and Junior Nationals in Palo Alto, CA.

This has been a wonderful year for the club, and a sign of greatthings to come! Let's be sure and celebrate this year's successes,but keeping an eye on getting back in September and working evenharder to keep improving!

Here's a great quote that I've had to edit a little from aStephen King book about talent... "Talent won't be quiet, doesn'tknow how to be quiet. It will wake you up in the middle of yourtiredest night, screaming USE ME! USE ME! USE ME! I'm tired of justsitting here!!!"

When we get back this fall, we'll remind you of this quote andremember that the goal is for each and every athlete on this teamto USE THIER TALENT!!!

Coach Greg