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Junior Nats Update by Kyra

Hello all!

This is Kyra! I am having such a great time in California! The weather is cold in the morning and night but as soon as the sun finds it's way around the clouds, everything warms right up.

This morning, Kelsi and I got up and left for the pool at 6:15. We both warmed up in the competition pool which just so happens to be salt water! The pool was not very crowded in the morning because the meet didn't start until 9am but knowing Greg, we had to be early!

I got to practice some starts at the pool on these really cool blocks. They have a track start type thing on them and they really help me leap out further then the blocks we have at PEA.

After warming up, we left the pool and got breakfast then went back to the pool to warm up again. Kelsi swam the 200 fly so we stayed and watched that.

The venue is truly amazing and I found myself getting lost in the maze of people and pools.

I am so glad and thankful I was given this opportunity to be able to swim in the same pool as the best swimmers in the country. It has really opened my eyes to what is ahead of us as individual swimmers and as a team.