Exeter Swim Team Partners
Update from Zones

[Fair warning folks- this one gets silly... but it looks like they are having a fun time so far!]

Greetings from the mountainous fairylands of Pennsylvania! We're having a magical time, and singing lots of gobbeldeegook around the campfire.

Just kidding, we actually had a seven hour bus ride, but it was okay because we made lots of cool friends like Dory who went to World Championships, Katie, one of Kyra's roommates from last year at Zones, and Brooke, who managed to overcome the fact that she's from a rival team and be our friend.

When we arrived at the pool, we were greeted by the sight of a shiny, glimmering swimming hole. Did we mention it was shiny and also blue...?

Anyways, after a short warmup, we rode the rainbow to our castle, which has dazzling chandeliers of floating ice crystals.

Now we are partying hard (sitting on the beds chatting...) and getting ready to shut our eyelids for a night of rest and dreams about ponies and leprechauns....... (and fast swimming, of course.)

Tomorrow we'll be getting up bright and early for warmups, and will ride the rainbow back to the swimming hole for a day of some exciting races.

Peace from Penn State.