SES Zone Team Wins!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 48 team members from SES who earned 1st Place at the Zone Championship meet at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary, NC. This marks the first year since 2004 that SES has won the Zone meet and breaks the Florida Swimming 4-year streak of meet championships. Final results, including downloadable files and team scores are available at:

Final Team Scores:

1. Southeastern 930.5, 2. Florida 800.5, 3. Georgia 739.5, 4. North Carolina 551.5, 5. Florida Gold Coast 449.5, 6. Kentucky 445, 7. Gulf 207, 8. South Texas 141, 9. South Carolina 117, 10. Louisiana 38.5, 11. Border 36, 12. North Texas 29, 13. West Virginia 16, 14. Mississippi 7.

Member of the 2011 Zone Championship team were: (11-12 Girls) Annie Kyriakidis, Paige Madden, Jessie Everett, Erica Laning, Lauren Mabie, Mallory Underwood, Sarah Margaret Cimino, Alyssa Hale; (11-12 Boys) Eric Whisenant, Andrey Tretyakov, Seth Kyriakidis, Alex Robinson, Brian Jockers, James Courtney, Caleb Harrington, Andrew Shea; (13-14 Girls) Tatum Wade, Sophie Pilkinton, Annika Kollevoll, Carrie Johnson, Ashley Darby, Tori Bindi, Lucy Castro, Paige Colaberdino; (13-14 Boys) Matthew Beach, Joey Carbone, Jackson Tunks, Slater Whiston, Adam Thomas, Will Arthur, McFoster Ballard, Daniel Chang; (15-18 Girls) Angelica Chapman, Valerie Nubbe, Victoria Hove, Paige Scheriger, Coper Brown, Madeline Held, Gabrielle Sanchez, Carly Bowles; (15-18 Boys) Nathaniel Laning, Kyle Simpson, Chatham Dobbs, Corey Holmes, Will Anderson, Matt McPherson, Szymmy Day, Nathan Thomson.

The team competed well across the board finishing in the top four in every age group. The 11-12 Girls and 13-14 Boys were Age Group Champions. The 11-12 Girls were the clear stars of the meet, dominating their competition by winning all but two of the offered events, including winning all relay events. Annie Kyriakidis led the girls winning the 50 back, 50 and 100 breast, 50 and 100 fly, and 200 IM, Madden won the 100 free and 400 free, finished 2nd in the 200 free, and 3rd in the 200 IM; Jessie Everett won the 50 free, finished 2nd in the 100 free, 4th in the 100 fly, and 7th in the 50 fly; Laning was 3rd in the 200 free and 6th in the 400; Mabie finished 5th in the 50 free; Underwood finished 2nd in the 50 breast, 5th in the 100 back, 6th in the 100 breast, and 8th in the 200 IM; Cimino was 5th in both the 100 free and fly, and came in 6th in both the 50 fly and 100 back; and Hale scored 2nd place points in the 100 breast, 3rd in the 50 breast, 5th in the 50 fly, 7th in the 200 IM, T-7th in the 100 fly, and was 8th in the 100 free. The combined group scored 243.5 points, besting their competitors by over 150 points!

The 13-14 boys had several outstanding events as well. The boys opened the first nights finals session with a statement finish in the 200 free. Teammates Beach, Thomas, Whiston, and Carbone touched the wall in places 1-2-3-4. The competition took immediate notice that SES has arrived ready to swim fast! The 13-14 boys has several other Top 3 swims throughout the meet, including: Beach winning the 400 free and placing 3rd in the 100 fly; Thomas’s championship swim in the 50 free and his 3rd place 100 free swim, Carbone’s win in the 200 fly was a Junior National qualifying time and 2nd place finishes in the 100 free and 400 IM contributed greatly to the team; Jackson Tunks won the 400 IM and finished 3rd in the 400 free, Daniel Chang’s 2nd place finish in the 200 breast; and Foster’s 2nd place in the 50 free.

Other age group races included the 13-14 girls and 11-12 boys who finished runner up for the meet, only 9 points out of the championship. These boys were championed by multi-event winner Audrey Tretyakov (50 breast and 50 fly). Top 3 swims for these boys included: Tretyakov 3rd in 100 fly; Whisenant placed 2nd in both the 50 and 100 back; Robinson 3rd place 400 free; Seth Kyriakidis 2nd place 200 IM and 3rd place 50 fly. Teammates Courtney (100 back) and Jockers (50 free and 50 back) each placed Top 8 in an event.

The 13-14 girls were led by several great swims, including some Junior and Senior National time standards breakers. Tatum Wade led the charge earning her 200 breast meet record and National cut on opening night. Tatum also won the 100 breast and finished 3rd in the 200 IM. Carrie Johnson won the 100 fly and earned her first Juniors cut. Finally, Sophie Pilkinton won the 200 IM and T-2nd in the 400 IM.

The 15-18 division proved to be a strong age group for SES as Angelica Chapman and Kyle Simpson led the way with four Top 8 finishes each. Chapman won the 100 fly and finished 2nd in the 200 fly. Simpson finished 2nd in the 100 fly and 3rd in the 200 back. Valarie Nubbe, Chatham Dobbs, Szymmy Day, and Paige Scheriger earned several 2nd place finishes for SES; Nubbe in the 100 free, Dobbs in the 100 back, Day in the 200 breast, and Scheriger in both the 100 and 200 breast. Scheriger, Chapman, and Simpson all accomplished Junior National time standards in their events.

Full age group division scoring can be viewed at:

These swimmers were led to victory by coaches: Cheryl Schoenberger (Head Coach), Tyler Kerns, Nick Lambert, Stephen Langdon, Trent Brown, and Stephen Murry. The coaching staff was extremely energetic and focused on the goals of the entire team. “This trip was so much fun. The swimmers were awesome representatives of SES and had the best team attitude,” said Head Coach Cheryl.

The 2011 SES Zone Team Captains were Angelica Chapman and Matt McPherson. The athletes followed their captains lead and showed more team spirit than any other team in attendance. This was truly a TEAM meet and every athlete contributed in some way to the TEAM success. “This was the best Zone meet ever,” said 14 year old Adam Thomas.

A special thanks goes out to the 2011 SES Team Chaperones. These individuals were absolutely crucial to the success and well being of our athletes during this trip. The chaperones were: Erick and Pat Kyriakidis, Mike and Anna Underwood, Jill Wade, Laurie Simpson, Debbie Anderson, and Carla Mabie.