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PAUL MEMONT appointed as a Starter for the 2012 Olympics!


PAUL MEMONT,  a New England Swimming Official, has been appointed to be the World Starter at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Paul has been a USA-S and NES Official for close to thirty years, and despite his frequent  travel as a National Evaluator, he manages to officiate at six to eight local NE meets and help out at our Championship meets. Paul referees  for all of SOLO Aquatics Club's home meets and has worked many USA Swimming National and Junior National meets since 1993. Working as an Olympic Trials official  in 2000 and 2004 led Paul to be selected as a Starter for the 2008 Trials. He was appointed to the FINA List as a starter in 2007 for a four year term, and again in 2011 for four more.

The International Meets that Paul is credited with starting are:
1998 Goodwill Games, Lone Island, NY,
Junior Pan Pacific Championships, Maui, Hawaii,
World University Games, Bangkok, Thailand,
Japan International Grand Prix,
2008 Junior World Championships, Monterrey, Mexico,
2010 Pan Pacific Championships, Irvine, CA,
2010 FINA World Swimming Officials Clinic, Singapore,
and, he is going to the Junior World Championships in Lima, Peru this week!

Lets all congratulate Paul for a job well done and for representing New England Swimming in a honorable and dedicated fashion!