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A Very Strange Update From Zones

Day One and a Half of Our Mystical Adventures in Pennsylvania:

Everyone used their best efforts to swim great. We are all enjoying ourselves under a giant tent. Lots of us- Sophie, Corinne, Izzy, Connar, Zach, Jill, and Morganne- swam the 100m freestyle yesterday morning. Jill made finals, and ended up placing sixth for 15 and Over girls! YAY!

Although she was the only EST swimmer with an individual event at night, Izzy got to swim a second time when she tied for first alternate. Fifteen minutes after her first 100 free she had an exhilarating race against a Narwhal, a speedy creature who she demolished. The Narwhal got angry and tried to eat her spleen, but Izzy was triumphant again. (Note: the Narwhal is a fictional character, but Izzy did dominate her swim off and manage to go onesecond faster than she had just fifteen minutes prior!)

There was also a giant beaver who sat on Sophie's bag and chewed on Corinne's cellular device. Our friend Jerrica can tell you that story...

Hi, I'm Jerrica. I am a power ranger who also enjoys swimming fast. To get rid of the beaver, I had to use my blowtorch, and accidentally set corinnes phone on fire. That is why the update is late, because we had to type this all on a typewriter, print it, and snail mail it.

At finals, five EST swimmers competed in relays, including Jill who anchored the NE relay team which got second by only a couple tenths of a second in one of the final races of the night.

This morning we had a couple tough races, and no EST swimmers will be returning this evening for finals, but we've been getting psyched this afternoon and are ready to kick butt in some relays tonight.

We've also spoken to the fairies, and hope they made it in time to see Kyra's 100 back this morning, as we heard that there have yet to be any sitings of our flying friends in Palo Alto.

Signing off,
Isabelly, Sophs, Noonanator, Mo, Tubbypants, Mars Bars, Connar, and Zach.

P.S. Morganne has been having some trouble, as we've learned that she speaks chipmunk while the rest of NE swimming speaks squirrel.