Volunteer hours have been updated


Dear Neptune Members,
Thanks again for your hard work at Neptunes Fall Classic at the Finley pool!!
All volunteer hours that were signed up for through the JOB SIGNUP have been credited.
IMPORTANT...if you worked additional time or worked a shift NOT signed up for through the Job Signup
please e-mail Abby Whitenack  at- .  (that is an underscore ( _ ) after hopi)
Please use the following format...
Parent member name / Event / Date / Job performed / # of hours worked
NOTE: The Volunteer hours that Abby processes and the hours from the Job Signup are credited separately.
Please give Abby only the additional time worked.  Please DO NOT include in your e-mail any hours that were signed up for through the job-signup. This allows her to properly process your volunteer hours without delay.   
If you brought in an item for the raffle basket and wish to receive credit please e-mail Abby.  If you ran errands for Lorenzo Ibarra at the Snack Bar or anyone else at the meet please e-mail Abby with that information.
We are asking all members to check your volunteer account history on a regular basis.  Any corrections to your Volunteer Account History can be e-mailed to Abby as well.
For future reference...anything that you do for the team that you deserve to receive volunteer hour credit for but you do not sign up for through the Job Sign-up you will need to e-mail Abby.
Please allow Abby 10 days for processing an e-mail request and 2 weeks for processing a form dropped off at the team room.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
FYI...Please watch the team web-site for future Job Signups.
We will be assigned timing lanes at the upcoming Sebastopol, Vallejo, and Napa meets.
The dates for the Neptunes' meet hosted at SRJC  is December 12, 13 and 14. Mark your calendar! 
Please watch for more information and Job Signup in the beginning of November. 
Thanks again all!!
Frances Sayre
Volunteer Co-ordinator
cell...321-8334 or e-mail me at...