Water Polo Wins!

Good job today. It’s always good when you win and even better when you play well and win. We did some things good and we have some items that we will need to get better at. We won the first game against Norcross B 15-5. When we play teams that we are better than, our swimming ability truly shows and it did in this game. It was 10-1 at the half and we backed off a little in the second half. Here is the goal summary for the game (very balanced which I really like) –

Robbie Scott 3

Chipper Machemehl 3

Chris Moroz 2

Clay Koellner 2

Austin Palmer 2

Claren Anderson 2

John Michael Hall 1

We won the second game 16-10. This game was more physical and the other team did a lot of tugging and pulling on our players. It also was a lot more sloppy and we turned the ball over way too much. We also didn’t play as tight defensively and gave up goals by not getting back on defense. The goal summary was not as balanced as the first game –

Robbie Scott 7

Austin Palmer 5

Chris Moroz 3

Clay Koellner 2

Karley Mason 1

I thought it might be helpful to explain some of the reasons why the referee blew the whistle and the ball turned over to either our team or the other team. There were a number of ball under water turnovers. If a player takes the ball under water to gain control of the ball, it is a turn over. If a player has their hand on top of the ball and the defender pushed the offensive player’s hand and ball under water, it is a turnover for the defense because the offensive player’s hand took the ball underwater (with a little help J - this is a very good defensive play).

There are a couple of markers on the pool that players need to be aware of. First, there is a 2 meter line. An offensive player can’t be in the 2 meter area without the ball unless the ball is inside 2 meters. I did not see this call today, but occasionally this will create a turnover. Next, there is a 5 meter imaginary line across the pool. If a player is fouled, they receive a free throw. This is the equivalent of an indirect kick in soccer if the foul is located inside of 5 meters. However, if the foul occurs outside of 5 meters, a shot can be taken if it is in one motion (i.e. you can’t pump fake and then shoot). Today, Harrison took a shot of the free throw inside of 5 meters one time and the ball went in our goal. The referee correctly called a turnover and it was our ball.

An ejection lasts for 20 seconds and provides a “man up” opportunity. We will work on this so we have more of a plan on what we would like to do. With our swimming speed, we will continue to draw ejections. Usually, ejections are for fouls when the defender is playing the person rather than the ball, an offensive player is pulled from behind by a defensive player or when a defensive player continues to play defense on a player taking a free throw (this occurred a couple of times today).

There are many other rules, but hopefully that will help. Thanks to Ed Koellner for working at the table and for the parents that took some pictures today. Please forward me some pictures and I’ll get Jamey to post some on the SCAT website. We have practice on Monday and Friday morning this week. Next Saturday, we have a 9am game against Pope and an 11am game against Wheeler at Greater Atlanta Christian (1575 Indian Trail, Norcross, GA 30093 – I-85 North to Indian Trail and then right until you come to Greater Atlanta Christian on your right). If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope they had a good time today. Have a great weekend!

Tim Watson

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