TO:  LSC Registrars


As you know, a new membership requirement will be mandatory for all non-athletes effective with the 2012 membership year, which begins 9/1/11. The new requirement is the online Athlete Protection Training (APT). Unfortunately, the APT will not be available until 9/15/11 so there is a two-week period when 2012 non-athlete members will be unable to meet the membership requirements. When you enter a 2012 new member or renew an existing member, the SWIMS record will be flagged if the person has not passed the APT and a 2012 card will not be generated. Here’s what you can do during this lag time:



If you have a brand new non-athlete member who joins during this two week period, you can provide them with a letter that will be valid through 10/15/11, giving them one month to pass the APT. A copy of the letter is attached; you should print it on your LSC letterhead and mail/email/forward it to the new member since you will not be able to print a 2012 membership card.



Do not renew the non-athlete until the end of September. These non-athletes have membership cards valid through 12/31/11 (unless a coach cert expires, but you will be able to print an updated 2011 card as long as you don’t renew them for 2012), so there should be no urgency to print a 2012 card for them. If you want to renew them in September, be aware that their SWIMS record will be flagged until they pass the APT. My recommendation would be to hold them until they have had a few weeks to complete the APT, but you can enter them into SWIMS altho they will be flagged until they have completed the APT. No 2012 card will be generated until they pass the APT.



The APT requirement will work exactly like the background check. The results will load directly into the same SWIMS queue and auto-match to the member’s record. (There will be a new option in the queue to search for just an APT, just a BGC, or for both; we will demonstrate the new options at the convention SWIMS workshop.) The APT results will work exactly like the BGC but you will be able to tell them apart when you are in the queue.


It will take about one hour to complete the online training course. There is no fee to take it. Once the final exam has been successfully completed, it will appear in the SWIMS queue the following day (never on the same day the test was passed). Members must take the training and they must pass the final exam. If they log out before passing the exam, it will not count and nothing will appear in the queue.



You will have to post a notification with your 2012 non-athlete membership forms to let people know about this new requirement. You can refer people to this link: But the link to take the training will not be available until 9/15/11.