Kedron Aquatic Center closing Sep 5th

As scheduled, Kedron Aquatic Facility will be closing Monday,  Sep 5th for deck and maintenance repairs.

Starting, Tuesday, September 6th, we will be relocating our swimmers to the following pools during this time:

BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD –Practice times will remain the same for all groups.   Please report to the Planterra Ridge Neighborhood pool located on the corner of Planterra Way and Terra Verte.  There are bathroom facilities, but no showers.   Coach Cathy, Denise, Christine and Wendy will be on deck during these practices.  There is no land phone line, so in the event of an emergency, please contact Coach Denise @ 678-525-7469 during practice time.


SEASONAL & SENIOR - Practice times will remain the same for all groups.   Please report to the Glenloch Recreation center located at 601 Stevens Entry, Peachtree City.  Coach Jamey and Catherine will be on deck during practice times.


We appreciate these changes may change carpooling situations.  We have created a carpool link on the website to help connect drivers and swimmers.  Please utilize this resource.

We also anticipate the water may get cooler than what our swimmers generally practice in.  We would encourage swimmers who get too cold to wear a long sleeve rash guard for extra warmth.  These are fitted shirts that work well in the water.  www.swimoutlet.comis a great resource for these.  They currently have a sale for $19.99 for youth and adult sizes. 

We look forward to Kedron re-opening , but plan to make the best use of the pools we have available.   

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