ASCA World Clinic

Ronnie and Donnie served as guest speakers addressing the audience on "Character First".  See the Power Point by clicking on ASCA Talk on the homepage button.

Two email comments following the talk:

Don and Ron, thank you so much for a great presentation at asca. What a fantastic job! That was one the best talks of the entire clinic and the subject matter was so perfect for the swimming/youth sports world we live in nowadays. Thanks for being stand up guys. Now I know why you two have become so successful. I greatly appreciate what you did for us. SS


I spoke to you for a time after your talk at the ASCA Clinic on Friday. I was very disappointed to have missed most of your session, but I saw the last half hour or so and I’m incredibly grateful that you have made your PowerPoint slides available on your website.

I have just finished reading through your whole presentation and I am simply filled with excitement. You have beautifully articulated the principles that I hold as most important in life and that are sadly and conspicuously absent from most activities in the lives of kids. You have also inspired me to “sharpen the stone” as it were — to make sure I’m leading by example.

Can you share with me some of the things (books, activities) that you have found useful on your own path to where you are today? You reference a wonderful variety of sources in your quotes etc.,  and the spiritual nature of your message is unmistakable.

Thank you again for a wonderful presentation.
I wish you all the best.