Membership fee notification for 2011-2012 season



Annual – Dues & Family Obligations Notification


Dear Parents and Swimmers:

 Neptune Swimming requires members to sign up for ACH or Credit Card payment. Information is available on our Website.  There will be a $25 fee charged for any dues checks submitted to the team.  Written checks should be made payable to Neptune Swimming, and deposited in the DUES box. 


If you prefer, checks may be mailed to: PO Box 317 Santa Rosa, CA 95402.  If you are unable to make your payment by the 10th of the month, contact the head coach or the bookkeeper at liquidbalance56@yahoo.comfor other arrangements. 

The dues that you provide do not cover all of the expenses needed to support the Neptune swim program.  Each family has an Annual Obligation fee of $120, which is billed in August and due by September 10th.  Additionally, throughout the year, Board approved fundraising events involving swimmers and their families are necessary and mandatory for all members.  Each family has an annual swim season fundraising commitment of $150 for one swimmer, $200 for two swimmers and $250 for three or more swimmers in a family.

All swim team and swim meet functions are performed by parent volunteers.  Our team parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 24 hours per swim season.  Volunteer hours are tracked on an annual basis for the swim year of, September to August through our Team Unify Website.   At the conclusion of the swim year, unfulfilled volunteer hours will be billed at the rate of $25 per hour.

Both the fundraising commitment and volunteer hours commitments are based on the swim season, which runs from September to August.  If a member joins the team after the swim season begins, both their commitments are pro-rated for that season.  If they join after June 1st, their commitment does not begin until the new swim season begins.

The Neptune Swim program is a year round program and our dues structure is based on an annual budget.  Therefore if you choose to take a leave of absence from the team we will need a 30- day written notice of either quitting or taking a break.  Without written notice, monthly dues including late fees will be charged.   The notice may be emailed to or placed in the Treasurer’s folder at Ridgway.  Informing the coaches, without written confirmation, does not satisfy notice requirements.

This includes senior swimmers taking a break for high school swimming and/or other sports.  If quitting, your spot on the team is relinquished.  If you wish to return and space allows it, then you will be responsible for paying a $120 reinstatement fee and placed on a 6 month dues contract.  If you are taking a break, 100% dues are required to hold your spot on the team.

All Swimmers must be members of Pacific Swimming.  Pacific Swimming carries an accident policy that covers our team at both meets and practices.  This membership is renewable through the team every year beginning in November and due by December 1stSwimmers who have their Pacific Swimming membership lapse will not be allowed to attend practices or swim in meets.

Neptune Swimming has a scholarship policy for families that may need assistance in fulfilling the terms of this Contract.  Interested families should contact the  Head Coach Dan Greaves for more information.