Wolverine Parent Welcome Packet !

Dear Parents, Please read the Welcome packet below: 

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Welcome to the Westchester Aquatic Club Wolverines and U.S.A. Swimming!

 We would like to welcome you to the exciting world of swimming. The sport of swimming has many benefits, including the people you and your child will meet. The camaraderie among swimmers is unique; many swimming buddies become lifelong friends. In addition to being around fine people, swimming provides one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness. This exercise can be enjoyed throughout one’s entire life. Possibly the greatest benefits of participating in an organized swim program are the life skills your child will develop. These skills include time management, self-discipline, and sportsmanship. Your child will reap the benefits of swimming long after their competitive participation ends.

 Whatever your role, your child’s experience in swimming has much to do with your positive support. Please ask questions of your coaches, officials, and fellow parents. We all have the same goal; to provide your child with the best possible experience in swimming.  

“Growth Through Good Sportsmanship”

 The Wolverines have set a mission to provide children with a positive swim team experience, which incorporates the development of good skills, team participation and fun. It is hoped each child will develop self-confidence, appreciate team cooperation, and respect teammates, opposing swimmers, coaches and officials.

Children should learn to value the ability to win and lose graciously. “Growth Through Good Sportsmanship” is the “life lesson” we hope to impart to our swimmers - a lesson which can only be taught by the behavior of all participants, coaches, officials, parents and other spectators.


 On the Deck

 During the period of time your child is practicing, the coach is supervising your child. The

coach knows the limitations and needs of your child so respect the coach for that knowledge.  The level of respect and courtesy with which you treat the coaches on deck directly influences the behavior of the swimmers. Please refrain from approaching the coaches on deck during practices. For this period of time the coaches are preoccupied with the training of your swimmers and should not be distracted. If you have things to discuss with the coaches, send an email note to make an appointment. We do want you to talk with us about anything you need. It is just impossible to handle anything else (no matter how trivial it may seem) during practice time.


Coaches & Parents: We need each other, but we can’t be each other!

 Taxi driver, meet official, fund-raiser. Without your participation there would be no Westchester Aquatic Club.  The people who volunteer their time and energy to make the Wolverines an effective organization do so in the belief that they are helping to provide a positive activity for young people. However, your most important role in our club is to be loving, supportive, parents to our athletes.

 Coaches and parents, together we make up the support team for the swimmers. It is very important that we work together as a team so that the experiences the swimmers have at the Wolverines are positive ones. Each of us has an important role in the development of your child as an athlete. The coach’s job is to be the manager of the swimmers competitive careers. It is our job to make sure that the swimmers are getting everything they need to be successful athletes. We work with them on stroke technique, strength training, nutrition, as well as goal setting, and mental training. We ask that you give your child unwavering love and support, without giving stroke or training advice.

We ask that you consistently remind your swimmer that this is supposed to be fun.  Try to remember to ask them if they had fun rather than if they swam fast.  Let your swimmer bring up the results of their performance, and please don’t judge or criticize, just be supportive. It is very easy for a swimmer to take their swimming very personally, many times feeling that his/her self-worth hinges on their swimming performance. Help them dilute pressure with perspective. Success is measured in many ways, not only in coming in first. Winning and success should be measured in involvement and improvement. Swimming is a great way to improve a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It is important that you let you child know that you love them regardless of how they swim. Don’t just assume that they know!

 Parents and coaches need to always remember the importance of their roles in the lives of the children. The swimmers are always looking to both of us to see how to behave. They are modeling their behavior after the way we act. The respect and courtesy with which we treat each other, and the respect we have for the position the other serves, will be reflected in the attitudes and actions of the swimmers. If you, as a parent ever have any questions about what or how we are teaching the swimmers, please feel free to make an appointment to discuss it with us. Please do not second guess the coaches or question our behavior to, or in the presence of, the swimmers. If you promise not to coach your children, we promise not to tell them that they shouldn’t have to make their beds, clean their rooms or be nice to their little sisters.


Parent Viewing Area & Supervision at the CNR Wellness Center

 Practice time is the swimmers’ time with the coaches. The Wolverine athletes are all great kids and the coaches appreciate the time you are giving us with them. If you stay to watch practice, please know that you are welcome. Parents are invited to watch practices from the spectator balcony.  All other areas of the College of New Rochelle is off limits, including the Student lounge on the pool level.  All siblings waiting must be supervised at all times.  The College of New Rochelle is a “College Setting” and the pool is located in a Wellness Center.  Please respect the privacy of the other users of the facility. 

 Parents are responsible for any actions of the children in their care including accidental pulling of Fire Alarms located through-out the building.  There is a $300 fine for anyone who pulls a Fire Alarm.  There are video cameras set up through out the building and any and all disruptive behavior will be recorded.  If you must bring a sibling, please bring quiet activities for them to do in the balcony to keep them occupied.

 Children should NEVER RUN through the halls of the Wellness Center.  This is a “SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT”, if they can’t run in the hallways of their school, they can’t run through the hallways of CNR.


Parent Drop Off and Pick-up Procedures

 Parents should drop children off via the Wellness Center Parking Lot.  Please do not drop children off at the Front of the Wellness Center as this blocks off flowing traffic and we do not want children to be hit by cars trying to pass a stopped car.  Parents may NOT park in front of the Wellness Center under any circumstances and will subject to fines from the College Police.  All Children participating MUST sign in upon entering the building.


Team Equipment & Apparel – Team Fitting Date September 18, 2011 from 9-12

 Wearing the team uniform displays pride in the program and promotes each individual who participates in the program. Wearing the team uniform enhances team spirit and affects the competition.


All swimmers should have several practice suits and a good suit for meets. Practice suits are those worn by a swimmer during practice sessions. They are generally made of nylon, lycra, or stretch nylon.  Suits used for competition are often worn in a smaller size than practice suit to reduce resistance.  Swimmers should wear a teamsuit for all meets. Swimmers participating in championship meets may wear high-performance suits.

 Cap and Goggles

Swimmers should also have at least two pairs of goggles and two caps (so they will always have a spare). We strongly recommend and may at times require that swimmers wear a swimming cap and goggles during practice. All Wolverine swimmers are required to wear a Wolverine  cap during all competitions.

 Water Bottle

As part of ensuring proper hydration, all swimmers are expected to bring a water bottle to every practice.

 Other Equipment & Supplies

The team racing suit and cap are required parts of the team uniform to be worn in competition. The purchase of all other Wolverine apparel is optional. Wolverine team apparel and equipment in the form of parkas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, swim caps, towels, bags, and sweatpants are available for purchase.  Apparel information will be distributed by the end of September and will also be available on the team website.



 Any discussion of our inclement weather policy always begins with this statement: 

Parents, use your best judgment.

Please use your best judgment when deciding whether to attend.”   If you can’t drive your car through the four foot puddles, or the four foot snow bank, or around the downed power lines and trees in your street, then you should probably not drive to practice. Stay home and be safe.   Having said that…New Rochelle Schools close due to weather, then the decision has been made for us, and the swimming programs will be suspended as well. Please watch the television reports and listen to the radio for school closing announcements.  An email Alert will go out in the event that practices are cancelled.


 Swim Meets

 Meets are an important reason we practice so hard. They are intended to be fun and challenging. Swimming fast is fun. Remember our motto is “We swim for good times!

 Attendance at meets is optional, but the coaching staff will encourage swimmers to attend the meets scheduled for their groups. The meet schedule that is established each season gives each swimmer the chance to race and to measure their performance level.  It is also an opportunity to be evaluated for technique and conditioning effectiveness. All information and meet signup procedures will be distributed in September.  Any changes, additions, or deletions to the schedule will be announced and posted on the team website. The coaching staff reserves the right to make the final decision concerning which meets the Wolverine swimmers may attend.


USS Meets

Refer to the meet schedule and the calendar for information about USA Swimming (USS) meets.  Prents will be emailed a newsletter with information on the meet their swimmer is eligible foe and instructions how to sign up.  Parents sign their children up for meets via the Wolverine Web Site. The coaching staff will make the decisions as to which events will be entered.   An important job of the coach is to manage a swimmer’s competitive career. That is why we feel so strongly about the coaching staff choosing the events for the swimmers. We believe that swimmers need to  compete in a wide variety of events (both strokes and distances). Only by having the coaching staff enter the swimmers can we ensure that the swimmers are provided with the opportunity to swim appropriate events.

 Relay Events

The coach will select the relays from the roster of swimmers attending the meet. If you sign up for a meet that has relays, your swimmer should be ready and willing as part of the team to participate in these relays. Being a member of a relay team is an honor and should not be missed. The coaches designate relay teams. Their decisions will be based on many variables,  including best times that day, lifetime best times, attitude of swimmer, etc. The coaches’ decisions regarding relays are final.


Meet Fees

Entry fees for meets vary from meet to meet, and are used to pay for facilities, equipment, awards, coaching fees, travel expenses, and as profits for the host club. These fees are then forwarded to the host club and are not refundable. Meet entry fees must be paid in full before  the entry deadline for a swimmer to be entered.  Members MUST register a credit card for auto-pay on the Wolverine web site and will be billed monthly for their entry fees.


 USA Swimming Fees

 Each member of the Westchester Aquatic Club is required to join USA Swimming. United States Swimming requires this membership for insurance and competition purposes.   This fee is paid by each team member via the Wolverine web site.  There is an annual USA Swimming membership fee of $58.00 per team member. This fee is forwarded directly to USA Swimming. USA Swimming ( is the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States. USA Swimming is made up of 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSCs.) The Westchester Aquatic Club belongs to the Metropolitan Swimming LSC.  Your USA Swimming fees pay for insurance coverage and for program administration at the National and LSC levels. USA Swimming cards (noting the swimmer’s USA Swimming ID number) are assigned to all swimmers when they join USA Swimming. Your swimmer will also receive informative periodicals from USA Swimming, including Splash magazine.

 If you have any other specific questions, please email me.  I am looking forward to a swimmingly great season.

Swimmingly  Carle