2012 LAC Partners & Links
LAC Meet, TVA Meet

Greetings all LAC Families, this will be a very short update and we will have a more extensive update at the end of the week. 

It was another great week of swimming.  Our groups are excelling at learning the warm ups and drills for their levels.  We are excited to be approaching the season's first meet in less than three weeks. 

LAC Swim-a-thon now is a great time to start thinking about who would be willing to pledge for you.  Many of our swimmers have been able to raise their entire year's fundraising fees and more through this one event! 

Please be sure to sign up for our own LAC swim meet through swim connection immediately.  This meet will fill up fast and we would like to be sure to get all of our swimmers in the meet.  Please sign up for the maximum number of events.  If you do not have a time for an event, enter the B time standard. 

In lieu of swim practice on Friday November 4th, we will be having a Tri meet with Tri Valley Aquatics and New Wave Aquatics.  Details on this meet will follow. 

Thanks all LAC swim team members, and families for the enthusiasm you bring to this team! 

Coach Alex