Pool Update

Pool Update

We understand there are a lot of questions floating around about what the coaches are “planning” as we head into some cooler temps.   First, we do not have any additional information from the city as far as when we will get back into Kedron.  We were originally promised Nov 1 and we have not been notified anything differently.

 SCAT has already purchased covers for Planterra and Glenloch.  This will help a bit.  At this point, we have been working daily trying to secure a pool and a heating option for either  Glenloch, Planterra, or Highgrove. 

SCAT is offering to purchase and donate heat pumps and all necessary capital improvements necessary to find a better option for our swimmers.  SCAT is also currently paying two facilities instead of one for pool use.   We understand each of our families is paying a lot of money to swim and we are doing our best with the resources we have available.

We have had a pool installation company visit each facility to assess our options for heating.

We have determined that using a gas pump, solar or propane is not an option at any of these pools.  Please understand that working with any of these groups requires communication with the Homeowners board of the neighborhood, their community management association, their residents and the appropriate technician necessary to get the information we need.

We still have not heard back from Highgrove’s electrician to determine if their pool can handle the heat pump.  Our technician believes they do not have sufficient existing electrical capacity and additional “strips” would need to be added.  They also do not have enough room in their pump room so an additional cement pad would need to be installed.  If/when Highgrove community manager gets back to us; we will continue to keep this option as an option.

Glenloch  (the city) has been asked if they would accept a donated heat pump from SCAT, but because of all the administration changes going on in the city, this answer could take an undetermined amount of time to receive.  We will continue to pursue this option.

Planterra is determining if their pool can handle the heat pumps.  Once again, our technician believes the pump room and electrical capabilities are sufficient, but Planterra would like their pool company and electrician to assess the needs also.  While these options are being discussed we have contacted two pool companies to determine if/when we can get the heat pumps delivered and installed.

In the event that the heat pumps are not an option at any of these pools, we have been simultaneously looking for indoor pool options.

Please understand that we did contact all the obvious choices back in July and August when we were told what the city was planning.  ALL Fayette County High Schools are also looking for indoor pool time for their teams so the few options we have used in the past when the bubble closed for two weeks were no longer options. 

·          The Summit can offer us Sat and Sun afternoons at 4:30 in the month of October.

·          Clayton County has turned us down for ANY time

·          World Gym was able to offer us 2 lanes from 4-5 pm.

·          Welcome All Park in Union City has offered us 5 – 6:45 pm Mon-Thur

·          Douglasville has offered us 5-7 am and/or 7 – 8:30 pm

·          Lastly, we have a contact at Woodward Academy in Atlanta if we feel we need to explore this option.  Understandably, these options are still not ideal and for that reason, we are trying desperately to stay in a neighborhood outdoor pool as long as possible.   We certainly hoped for a bit warmer temps in September and truly did not anticipate needing indoor swimming so early.


Please trust that we are working to the best of our abilities to secure pool time for our swimmers.  We have spent considerable time planning even better dryland workouts to condition our swimmers. 


Despite the cooler temps, our swimmers have more lane space available to swim.  We have developed a more strategic approach to technique training that is more intentional with the time we have.  Currently our Saturday morning practices for Gold and Silver have involved additional dryland time to make sure our swimmers are properly warmed up before they enter the pool to swim.


At Kedron our swimmers often are utilizing only 3-4 lanes.  Currently each team has 5 lanes available which allows the coaches to work a bit more technique as a group.  With each option there are good and bad, but we continue to adapt to make sure the swimmers are still working and conditioning to prepare them for the upcoming meet season.


We are continually impressed by the determination, strength, and work ethic of our swimmers.  We occasionally joke about the cooler temps, but when it is time to swim they jump in and get to work!


We will keep you updated and inform the team when we have more concrete information.  At this time, we will continue with our schedule as planned and hopefully have an answer on heat pumps by the end of the week.

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