Mixed Bag Fundraiser - Kick off


Our Fall Fundraiser is now underway and we need your help. We are selling reusable bags made of recycled materials. They are not only beautiful, but very functional.  There are two ways to sell these bags:

1)      They can be purchased online and our fundraiser number is 71494; anyone who purchases can have their order shipped directly to them, and FAST makes 40% of the purchase price (excluding shipping).

2)      They can also be purchased from a catalog, and your swimmer can turn their order into me by Tuesday, October  25th. Purchases made this way will be shipped to me, and I will distribute the week of November 28th. On these orders FAST will earn 50% of the purchase price, and the shipping is zero.  Catalogs will be available at the pool after September 30th.

We have a goal of selling $5,000 worth of bags – that is roughly $100 in sales per swimmer, and could potentially raise $2,500 for FAST.  Make sure all online sales reference the swimmers name. The swimmer with the most sales will receive a very nice prize.

To help you get started I have enclosed a sample letter you might want to include in your email message to your family and friends:

Dear Friends and Family:

OK - I hate fundraising.... but I have two very good reasons for sending this to you. 

1) If we do not raise some money – we lose our swim team and anyone who knows us - knows how much we LOVE swimming. 

2) I LOVE these bags - I actually think they are very nice, and I think you will too. They are not only beautiful - but GREEN too!!

So, please forgive me for asking....please forward to anyone who might like to purchase!!!

Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team is happy to announce their Mixed Bag Designs Online Fundraiser!

Simply go to Mixed Bag Designs, enter your order, pay for it and it will be shipped directly to you. Upon checkout, type 71494 in the "School/Fundraiser ID#" field. You can also enter the name of the participant that referred you to this fundraiser in the "Referred By" field for them to receive credit.

Thank you for your support!

No matter where you live, your purchase will be mailed directly to you, and the team will make 40%. If you live local, please order from me directly, and the team will make 50% - plus you will not have to pay shipping! 

Thanks for your support!

The ___________Family

Fluvanna Aquatics Sports Team