Yoga Update and Prices

Why are we doing yoga?

Yoga is a great benefit to the swimmers for five main reasons:

1. Enhances core stability and coordination

2. Injury prevention

3. Enhances flexibility

4. Increases focus

5. Improves body awareness


Yoga for the Regional group will be cancelled as there was not enough interest. If you do have interest in seeing a program of this nature for this group please email me and let me know and I will attempt to get something organized after Christmas.

Provincial Group - Reminder Wednesday afternoon yoga begins at 4 pm

Cost of yoga for the Provinical Group will be $75.00 for 14 weeks

**Provincial group athletes can opt out of these sessions to do so please email me at [email protected]

Super Achievers - Yoga begins at 1:30 on Mondays and 4 pm on Wednesdays

Cost of yoga for the Super Achievers group will be $140 for 14 weeks