2012 LAC Partners & Links
weekly update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families!  Practices are going great.  In the Novice Groups, children are learning great stroke habits which will lead to swimming success.  In the Junior Groups, the level of responsibility and awareness is continually improving.  In the Pre-Senior and Senior groups, leaders are emerging, people are supporting each other vocally during sets, and we are excited to see what will happen at our first meet in October.  Here is a quote for the week: 


All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


This includes encouraging words, smiles, and great effort at practice. 


Here are some upcoming events: 


September 23rd:  6:30 on the grass by the pool, LAC appreciation party and shower for Coach Lisa!  Coach Lisa will be on leave to have her baby boy soon.  Let’s send her off with LAC love and appreciation! 


September 24th:  10:00-10:30 free semi-private lesson for J1 and below swimmers with a Senior swimmer.  First come first serve, sign ups on swim office window. 


October 1st:  Swim-A-Thon, 9-1pm at LVTC pool.  Start lining up your pledges now.  Think about who might want to support your awesome efforts in this sport to have healthy habits for life. 


October 8-9:  AIA swim meet.  This is our first meet of the year.  It will also be Coach Leslie’s first meet with us.  Be prepared for great swims.  Bring warm clothes and extra towels.  Be ready to cheer for and encourage your teammates. 


October 22-23:  LAC swim meet at RLCC.  This will be our second hosted meet.  Last year’s was great!  Look forward to an awesome experience.  If you are a parent and have not yet plugged into volunteering, please contact our LAC board for volunteer opportunities. 


Swimmers of the month: 


Each month we will be selecting Swimmers of the Month from each group who have displayed excellence in:  Attendance, Work ethic, Attitude, Focus on technique, Competition, and Leadership. 
This month’s Swimmers of the Month are: 
Novice 1:  Sophia Bass
Novice 2:  Melinda Davis
Junior 1:  Christopher Gonzalez
Junior 2/ Pre-Senior:  Joshua Ledbetter
Senior:  Haley Hamza


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


Novice 2 - It has been a great week of training for this group.  It is great watching this group learn and use the clock for interval related sets.  While teaching them individual responsibility, it is also a fundamental skill in swimming.   We’ve had great lane leaders like: Melinda, Alden, Annelyse, Nick, Jessica, John, Megan, and Katie.  We’ve had a great week of working on our starts, turns, and finishes for all 4 strokes! These athletes are ready to compete in 50’s, 100’s, and even 200’s!  Upcoming events for this group:

œ     October 1: Swim-A-Thon at LVTC.

œ     October 8-9: AIA Swim meet at Chabot College

œ     October 22-23: LAC Swim meet at RLCC. Please sign up NOW if you have not done so already.


Junior2/PreSenior - It is going to be a great year for these athletes.  This week we have started to increase yardage and intensity of workouts, and the group as a whole is taking on the challenges wonderfully.  On Monday, we finished our workout with a 100 back for time and had 100% lifetime bests from the group! That included 27 seconds drop for Brandon, 10 seconds for Paige, 7 seconds for Megan F., and 4 seconds for Taylor.  We also have started our “Test Sets”, which are benchmark sets that will record progress throughout the season.  One Test Set we did was 12x100’s kicking, trying hold our fastest average.  Having HUGE improvements from the Spring/Summer we have several swimmers now consistently kicking in the 1:30’s for their 100’s.  Great work: Brianna, Matthew, Tori, Josh, Celine, Megan W., and Brandon! And, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Roddy (age 11) for competing in the Alcatraz Invitational this past weekend.   Rachel (and big sister Hannah) swam the 1.2 mile ocean swim from the waters of Alcatraz to Aquatic Park, San Francisco! Upcoming events for this group:

œ     October 1: Swim-A-Thon at LVTC.

œ     October 8-9: AIA Swim meet at Chabot College

œ     October 22-23: LAC Swim meet at RLCC. Please sign up NOW if you have not done so already.



Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Junior 1:  This group is improving by leaps and bounds.  Our group warm up is looking sharper and sharper and people are beginning to do LAC Special with excellence.  Chris, Jared H., Collin, Gabriel, Jacqueline, Larissa and Julia are showing some great leadership in this group.  Hunter has grown considerably and will be one to watch.  Everyone in the group has swum their fastest ever 100IM, and the group record is held by Chris Gonzalez with a 1:24, just three seconds from JO time.  We are working on distance per stroke and learning how to push off correctly, read the clock, do the proper amount of dolphin kicks in a streamline, and be aware of our teammates.  We are also challenging ourselves in kicking and have some great kickers in this group.  It will be fun to see some of these young people swim at the AIA meet. 

Upcoming events for this group:

œ     October 1: Swim-A-Thon at LVTC.

œ     October 8-9: AIA Swim meet at Chabot College

œ     October 22-23: LAC Swim meet at RLCC. Please sign up NOW if you have not done so already.



Senior Group:  We’ve gotten off to an awesome start in this group with some outstanding practice effort and a new attitude of putting teammates first.  Shahini, and Haley have been verbal leaders in the group, encouraging others.  Nina and Trent have shown great leadership by example with their outstanding work ethic.  Katie, Andrew and Nathan have shown up and put in good effort while at the same time keeping things light with their humor.  New swimmers to the group Christine, Cat, Alex, Sarah and Allie are adjusting to this level’s expectations, with Christine standing out in her consistent efforts.  Alex W. has made huge progress in attendance and effort.  Haley, Shelby, Katie and Nina swam a 3:33 400 free relay in practice (by 50’s twice through).  This time beat Granada’s last year’s best time by about 10 seconds and would put them 6th at NCS championships.  We are looking forward to seeing what all of these swimmers will do this year with their focus on making the group as great as it can be.  Upcoming events for this group: 

·        October 1:  Swim-A-Thon at LVTC

·        October 8-9:  (some swimmers only)  AIA

·        October 22-23:  LAC Swim meet



Thank you all LAC Families for your awesome encouragement to these kids!  Have a great week! 


Coach Alex