Pool Status Update week of 9/26

Pool Status Update



As we approach our last week of September and look forward to the temps of October, we are feeling pressure to make a decision on where our practices should be held going forward.

Our first priority has always been to keep everyone in Peachtree City as long as we could.  The heater issue/solution at Planterra is no longer an option due to an unforeseen electrical issue.  As you know, the first opinion we received was encouraging, but the last electrician to assess found a different problem.  Therefore, Planterra will NOT be an option once the air/water temp gets too cold to remain outside.

As stated, we are still working on getting a heat pump at Glenloch and continue to speak with Cajun daily.  He can only do so much, but he is working hard for us and trying to work this solution for us.  We may have more information by Wednesday or Thursday this week, but it is still an option.  If we are able to install heaters at Glenloch, ALL practice groups will be moved to Glenloch.  We will adjust practice times for each group.

If we cannot get approval for heat pumps at Glenloch and the weather dips into 40 degree temps in the evening we will be forced to move our swimmers indoors.  At this point, we are looking toward the following short term solution:

All BRONZE and SILVER swimmers will train at Welcome All Park in Union City.

                Bronze – 5 – 5:45pm

                Silver – 5:45 – 6:45 pm

GOLD swimmers will train @ Douglasville pool from 7-8:30 pm

SENIOR swimmers will train @ Douglasville pool from 5 – 7 am.  (Gold swimmers are welcome to attend this session if they prefer – we have all lanes available during this time slot)


We understand this is not a desirable option for anyone, but given our limitations it is the best we have come up with so far.  Please know we are still working on Glenloch and we can stay at Planterra if the weather holds up, but we need to have other options in place.


The Citizen just stated this week, that Kedron will still open by November 1st.  We are also hopeful that in the event the cement is finished at Kedron, but the bubble is not, they MAY allow us to come in for a week or so in between these two projects.  Therefore, we may not have to drive to the other pools for the ENTIRE month of October.  We will plan to send updates weekly to keep you informed.


We are planning to take this one week at a time and work as best we can with the city, our families and the pools that are able to accommodate us.


To the extent that we can, we will be happy to help families get in touch with one another to work on carpooling issues.  We will provide phone numbers and post requests on the website.  



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