Practice locations for October 3- October 9

 PVAC Swimmers & Families:

Thank you for adjusting to the last minute pool schedules last week.  We can't repeat it enough - the high school teams have priority over pool times (if they change - then we must change).  There are only 2 pool available for PVAC's use - that's PV High and PENINSULA High's pool.  If a pool "goes down" with equipment problems - which is what happened this past week - then we do our best to get pool time at the other pool. 

Practice locations for the week of 10/3 through 10/9:

Monday, 10/3 - PV High at 5:30pm

Tuesday, 10/4 - PV High at 5:30pm

Wednesday, 10/5 - PV High at 5:30pm

Thursday, 10/6 - PENINSULA at 5:30pm

Friday, 10/7 - PV High at 5:30pm

Saturday, 10/8 - PENINSULA at 7:30am - pre-team lessons/senior group

Sunday, 10/9 - PV High - PHOTO DAY/INTER-SQUAD (everybody) SWIM MEET & potluck...see Coach Josue's prior announcement & look for more information to follow...

THANK YOU AGA IN for understanding and adjusting to the pool schedules...we look forward to the High School Winter Aquatics Schedules...a little less pool switching...

Have a great week!

GO FROGS!!!  See you on deck!!!