Senior Swimmers begin the fall with strong swims!

The senior group swam at DVC this weekend at the WCAB senior 2 meet and did a great job!  We are still very early in the season and although we haven't done a lot of pace work, the swimmers for the most part, are starting right where they left off after being shaved and tapered last season.  We even saw some best times! 

Kate Miller improved her 500 time by 3 seconds, and her 400 IM time by 9 seconds. Victor Deng got a best time in 100 breast, Amanda Houston improved her 100 free time by almost 2 seconds, Fiona Greer beat her last season's best 100 free time, Carson Sand also got a best 100 free time and George Greer bettered his last season's 100 free time as well.  Lucianna Balica got a best time in the 50 free and that Far Western cut keeps getting closer and closer.  Everyone else was either right off of their best times or were able to identify the mistakes that resulted in the very rare disappointing swim.

The good news:  Everyone's speed is still intact and everyone's training is at a good starting point for the season.

Things to work on immediately:  Turns, turns turns!  It seems very few of us can manipulate a race-pace turn at this point.  There were many freestyle turns that were done more as a defensive move to avoid crashing into the wall rather than part of the race where, if done properly and timed correctly, can help accelerate your race. 

I'm looking forward to next week's CBA+ meet in Hayward where we can see some of these swims again and try to improve on some of these skills!

Great Job to all the senior swimmers who participated!

Kate Miller, Angelica Dysico, Amanda Houston, Fiona Greer, Lucianna Balica, Kyler White, Victor Deng, George Greer, and Carson Sand