BASS Swimming 2011 December Training Trip Information




Who is Eligible?

13 &O Swimmers in the Pre/Senior or Blue groups BASS Siblings and their immediate families.  We will limit the total number of swimmers to approximately 30 swimmers (North & South combined).

Where are we going?

We will be going to Nags Head, NC.  We will stay in cottages around the 19.5 milepost.  The number of cottages will be determined by the number of swimmers & families attending.  Practices will be at Nags Head YMCA in Nags Head, NC. at Mile Post 10.5.

When are we going and how will we get there?

We will have our first practice on Sunday, December 27th at 5:00AM, doing two practices each of the days thru afternoon practice 2 -4:30 PM on Wednesday, December 30th.  Each swimmer will be responsible for providing transportation to and from Nags Head.  We will help coordinate this at a later date.  If you would be interested in driving, please sign up and indicate how many passengers your vehicle can carry.  We will also be transporting swimmers from the cottages to the pool for practices with parent help.  Please note that NO SWIMMERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE UNLESS THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN IS WITH THEM IN THE CAR.

What will it cost?

The cost is $150 per swimmer.  Parents in a private room will be $150 and the cost for each other family member in the room is an additional $50.  Parents who accompany their swimmer and are assigned to share a room will only be $100.   Assignments of rooms for non-training trip participants is based on the sleeping arrangements in the available rooms and number of family members attending.


 All swimmers must stay in the cottages rented by BASS.  Swimmers should bring cash to cover other activities, such as movies, trips to the N.C. Aquarium, or trips to other points of interest.


What if swimmer is going but a parent or guardian is not?

Allswimmers, if not accompanied by a parent or guardian, must have a designated chaperone.  The chaperone must have all the pertinent medical information, including a copy of the insurance card and a signed release to seek medical attention for the swimmer if necessary.  The chaperone will be responsible for the conduct of that swimmer. 

Other Information

All swimmers must have a completed pool release form signed by their parent or guardian.

Training trip rules (i.e. curfews, free time, etc.) will be established and published prior to departure. 

BASS siblings of swimmers will be allowed to practice (typically once daily), but times may have to be morning or afternoon based on the pool maximum requirements.