2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboys Families, thank you for your participation in our swim-a-thon and for the support you give our team in so many ways. 


Here is a quote for the week: 


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill


Here are some highlights from past events: 


Swim a Thon:  We had about 50 swimmers and a great time on October 1st.  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers for timing, organizing, and encouraging at the swim a thon. 


Here are some events to look toward: 


Lisa’s baby being born:  When??? We’ll see J


AIA Swim meet at Chabot:  This weekend.  We will have participation from all groups except a handful of the high school aged swimmers.  We are looking forward to a great meet with lots of best times.  Everyone besides 8&un are expected to be ready for warm up at 7:30, 8&un are expected to be ready at 8:30.  Have a team suit (black, green, white, grey, or combo of such), wear team clothes, be ready to support your teammates and have a great meet. 


No Practice for any group except Senior on Monday October 10th following AIA meet.  


Senior Group WILL Have Practice in the morning and afternoon


LAC home meet:  Oct. 22-23 If you haven’t signed up, please do so ASAP.  This will be a great opportunity for us to race in our home town in a great pool and for us to get best times and practice supporting each other.  Thank you to all of the parents who have played such a big role in setting this meet up. 


Tri meet at Las Postias:  Friday night instead of practice, November 4th.  Coaches will organize sign ups.  Warm ups will start at 3:45.  More information to follow. 



Here is information from Coach Lisa: 


Thank you LAC Families! I am very grateful to be involved with such a great and supportive community! From parents, athletes, and coaches alike, thank you for the children books, gifts, cards, and words of encouragement. I am excited to start this stage of parenthood, but will miss my daily interactions with LAC while I’m gone.  I will be starting my maternity leave October 1, and we will keep you informed about my return.  Thank you again, keep up all the hard work, and GO LAC!


Novice 2: We’ve had a great week focusing on the IM.  Jonathon and Tyler have been working on their straight arm fly.  Faith and Kylie have been working on their head positions in backstroke.  Kristof has been working on the timing of breastroke.  And Bo and Danny have been working on their fast kick in freestyle.  All the athletes in Novice 2 have shown great IM turns and 100 IM efforts! If you’re swimming the IM at the Oct. 8-9 meet, you are ready!

Upcoming events:

œ     October 8-9: AIA Swim Meet @ Chabot College

œ     October 22-23: LAC Swim Meet @ RLCC


Junior 2/PreSenior: The group continues to show great potential for a great season.  Finishing practice on Monday with a 100 fly for time we had many lifetime or first time bests.  Victoria dropped 5 secs, Nicolette dropped 14 secs, Sofia dropped 7 secs, Tori dropped 7 secs, and AnneMarie dropped 3 secs.  And on Wednesday we finished practice with a 100 breast for time.  Jared dropped 14 secs, Nicolette dropped 2 secs, Paige dropped 7 secs, Josh dropped 11 secs, and Tori dropped 3 secs.  With so many great efforts already I can’t wait to see the results after the first meet!

Upcoming events:

œ     October 8-9: AIA Swim Meet @ Chabot College

œ     October 22-23: LAC Swim Meet @ RLCC



Here are some highlights from the groups I coach: 


Junior 1:  We’ve had some outstanding efforts in practice across the board.  Many personal best times have already been beaten in each event.  Our group record holder for the 500 free is Collin, Jared holds the group record in the 50, 100, 200 free, 50 fly, 100 fly, and 200 IM, Chris holds the record in the 100 IM, Gabe holds the record in the 100 back and 100 breast, Jacqueline holds the record in the 50 breast.  It has been a lot of fun watching these swimmers push each other and refine technique.  This week we will work on starts and turns in preparation for a great AIA meet. 


Senior:  We’ve had an awesome week in training.  Highlights include Andrew holding 27’s and Nina holding 30’s on a fly/bk transition set, Shelby, Katie, Haley and Nina beating the All-American standard on a broken 400 free relay, Shahini leading the group in a breaststroke set, Nathan kicking under 1:20 for flutter with a board, Christine splitting 29 for a 50 back, Alex and Cat combining on a 400 bk relay to average 31’s, and Stephen continuing to impress with his consistency in practice.  We are looking forward to a great first meet for some of our newer swimmers at AIA, and continued consistent training for our swimmers who are preparing for the LAC home meet. 


Thanks all Parents, LAC Board, Swimmers, and Coaches for the terrific efforts you put into helping our team be great! 


Coach Alex