Swim Team Updates - October 3rd

Swim Team Updates

1. Punctuality - now that we are back in full swing we need to ensure that athletes are at practices on time - ideally 5 minutes early - we start practices right on time and when an athlete is late it not only reinforces a bad habit, but it interrupts the flow of practice and puts the individual athlete behind their teammates.

If you have a conflict that may cause you to be late please inform me asap

2. Code of Conduct - New this year is our Athlete Code of Conduct all athletes and parents must sign this code of conduct and return it to your coach by Oct. 15th or the athlete will not be permitted to practice with the team.

Please click here to download the code of conduct

3. Change Rooms - After Thursday nights practice the women's change room was left in huge mess. This is unacceptable for our team. Athletes must put their towels in the proper bins upon leaving the change room and ensure that the area they were in is left in order.

If there is another incident the group/groups involved will be required to spend some of their next practice helping the guards clean the deck.