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Weekly Update

Greetings Aquacowboy Families!  It has been a lot of fun at the pool this week.  Our swim a thon was awesome.  Thank you to all parents, organizers, and swimmers for your great efforts.  One of the highlights for me was seeing young people like Jack R. and Faith C. complete 200 laps.  A couple of years ago this probably wouldn't have been possible.  Way to go swimmers, you were impressive! 

This update will be short and there will be a more extensive update next week following the AIA meet. 

It is so exciting to see such great swimming at practice, as swimmers learn to do drills more efficiently and more beautifully, learn to race each other, and to support each other.  We have many swimmers who are ready to break out with best times this weekend.  Please remember to dress warmly, bring extra towels, and give yourself a good warm up.  Remember that a warm body performs better, so keep shoes, sweats, and parkas on at all times that you are not swimming. 

At this point, all swimmers should know their warm ups.  If you do not know your warm up for the meet, please speak with your coach this afternoon or Friday afternoon at practice. 

Remember, we expect all swimmers to be ready for warm up at 7:30 (this means in suit, with cap and goggles, already checked in).  All 8&un swimmers are expected at 8:30. 

As of yet, Lisa's baby hasn't been born.  Please keep her in your thoughts over the coming days. 

Remember, there will be no practice on Monday for any group besides the Senior group, (who for the most part are not attending the AIA meet) 

Let's have a great meet and gain a new understanding of our capabilities! 

Coach Alex