Manta Ray Partners

We are so happy to report that as promised by Kastaway, the team suits ordered at our spiritwear sale and suit fitting are in and ready for distribution.

The Spiritwear Team has wonderful parent volunteers that will be at the  pool from

3:30 PM - 8:00 PM TONIGHT  - FRIDAY OCTOBER 7th for suit pickup
SPRIT TABLE LOCATED at the POOL in the Stands area !!!

This table will also be set up tomorrow from

10/8/2001 -  8:00 AM until before our team pictures for anyone that can't make it today.

After today, all suits will remain locked in the coaches offices.  Please make arrangements with your coach to pick up your suit before or after your next practice. 

All suits will need to be "signed out" in order to keep track of these important items.  You are welcome to have your swimmer pickup their suit themselves, however we cannot be help responsible for anything lost on the way home.  If  you have any concerns please stop in yourself ... it will just take a minute and pick up your suits.


** Please note that we do not have any record of who ordered suits at the sale or otherwise.  Kastaway did say that this shipment only guarantees those suits ordered at the fitting.   If you have any questions as to the whereabouts of your suits please contact Kastaway directly as we have no information to help you, but are just trying to help expedite the distribution process.   Thank you!