Information for Sunday

Information for Sunday:

When are we taking the pictures?

This will be the first thing for Sunday.  We will begin with pictures first and once they are done; we can begin the fun of our meet. We really don’t know how long this might take, so please be patient with the process.

Can I take my own pictures?

With respect to our team photographer, we will say no.  If you would like the team picture please order them through the photographer.  You are welcome to take pictures during the meet and after our meet but not during the designated picture time.

I can’t jump into the water

We understand some of our swimmers are sick but please still join us in taking our team picture.  We want all of our members to be in our team picture.  You don’t have to swim, but just smile for us.

I don’t have the team suit

We are trying our best to get the team suits in your hands but if you don’t have one, just wear a black and/or green suit.  You will be fine.

I’ve never swam in a meet           

This is only our team.  We will be walking everybody through what we will be doing.  This will be a fun event and a time for our kids to get to know each other, get to know other kids, and team build.

I don’t know what I will be swimming

We did this on purpose.  This is a meet that builds on team work.  The Coaches will pick events for all the kids on Sunday, the day of the event.  All you have to do is show up and be ready to have some fun.  Some of that fun might be a little wacky.

Will the times count?

The times will not be official but they will be an indication of where our swimmers are progressing at that moment.  Remember, we have plenty of meets to have official times but not enough meets where we can team build and have fun.  That is our goal for this first go around.

I can’t find the flyer

You do not need to log on to find the flyer.  Just simply click events.  Next, click the actual title:   Oct 9 (08:00 AM) ~ 9 (12:30 PM), 2011 - Black And Green Intrasquad Meet & Picture Day,

you will then see the information page, and you will want to click:




Please make sure you have Adobe Reader on your phone and your computer

Can I help?

Definitely!  We will need timers and some parents to help set up and break down the pool.  Unfortunately we do not have the whole day at the pool, so we need help to put everything away.

I can’t be there.

We are sorry to not have you there.  We will miss you.  We understand you have other commitments but if you are able to squeeze the team photo in, we would love to have you in the picture.

I never signed up, can I still show up?

Of course you can.  We want everybody to join us.  If you can, please just let Coach Josue know so that we can have an idea of how many swimmers will be attending.  Email Coach Josue at  Regardless of anything, you are welcome to come and join us.  We want everybody there.  We will take a head count on Sunday.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Coach Josue in regards to the meet or Lorraine Norris in regards to the pot luck.

Coach Josue-

Lorraine Norris- lohnorris@hotmail.comor 310-871-1304