Fluvanna County Pool Update

A quick update on the Parks & Rec pool proposal:

Dwight Godwin (P&R Director) and the library have given permission to display a posterboard about the new county pool being proposed to the Board of Supervisors. It should go up in the next week or so. There have been a few changes in the dates for the BOS meetings that we really need to go to and show our support, but Dwight did not have the new dates available yet. They will be posted as soon as he finds out. 

Meanwhile, there are three events that he wanted to make us aware of and asked our participation in. All three are for candidates running for seats in Fluvanna county. Dwight did ask two things of us when we go:

1. Please invite friends and neighbors! Let them know this is NOT about our particular team, but about having an amenity for the entire county to use and enjoy. It is entirely appropriate - and encouraged - to bring your older children/teens to give them a chance to let their voices be heard!

2. Please ask the candidates about their stance on good recreational facilities in our county, not merely the "special interest" of a pool. We are looking to promote the idea of physical fitness and recreation which are a needed part of everyone's life!

The 3 events:

1. Candidates' forum Weds, Oct. 12th in the Fluvanna Circuit Courtroom @ 7pm. (BOS candidates will be discussing the future of the county)

2. Candidates' forum Tues, Oct.18th at the Fluvanna County Public Library 7pm.

3. Coffee with the candidates Sat, Oct. 22nd at the Palmyra Fire House (on Rt 15) from 10am - 12noon.

Thank you all for your help! Let's help Fluvanna County achieve this!