Thank you to Nashville chaperones! (SUMMER TRIP INFO)

The RAYS have returned from Nashville and are preparing for our IMX meet. We had a great time, learned how to swim with very little recovery time and stayed a sshhhweeet hotel.

Please thank all our chaperones for keeping you corralled and ensuring a fun time by all! (Mary Ciesielski, Rachel Justus, Craig Justus, Cindy Austin.) Give Steve Payment a big HI 5 for making all the trip arrangements and plans to make the trip go smoothly... including the trip to Rock City!

Results are posted below.


ALSO...start planning ahead for our Summer Travel Trip, Stingrays! We are targeting a weekend of June 2nd or June 9th. Historically, we have left on a Thursday and returned on the following Monday. As meets become available we will keep you notified. Until then, start saving up (trip can be $500)! This travel trip is for our 13 and Overs who are in good standing.