DCST Downs the Dolphins


DCST Downs the Dolphins


DCST began its 2011 – 2012 winter season with a victory over the Illinois Valley (LaSalle – Peru) Dolphins by a score of 623 – 132.  Being the first meet of the year, there were a few bugs, but nothing we cannot fix quickly.  We had a lot of new swimmers in today’s meet, and they did a terrific job.  We did have some swimmers who forgot to talk to the coaches after their race.  We ask that all swimmers try to remember to talk to the coaches after their races. 

After each meet, the coaching staff picks two swimmers, one girl and one boy, as the “Big Dogs" of the meet. Big Dogs are not only selected on their performance in the meet, but the coaches also take into consideration the swimmer’s practice attendance, work ethic, team spirit and sportsmanship. For this meet, Georgia Harrelson, age 7, and Noah Hauptmann, age 10, were selected as Big Dogs of the meet.

            As a team, DCST had 186 new career best individual times out of 306 swims for a 61% improvement rate.  DCST had 67 swimmers who had at least two personal best times in the meet. These swimmers were: Madison Aimone, Camryn Anderson, Laura Banks, Austin Bockman, Timothy Braun, Amanda Buck, Joanna Burnham, Anna Carlson, Celia Carpenter, Krissy Cutsinger, Mikaila DiCostanzo, Kareem Elkwae, Anabelle Engleson, Tessa Federici, Grace Fergus, Jack Fergus, Alyssa Ferrigan, Erin Fidler, Morgan Fisers, Stephen Flaherty, Skyler Gates, Hannah Hanks, Chloe Harbecke, Georgia Harrelson, Gregory Harrelson, Noah Hauptmann, Ethan Heinrich, Tyler Hull, Abbie Johnson, Grace Johnson, Noah Johnson, Grace Kozlowski, Toni LeBlanc, Mel LeBlanc, Jason Liu, Riley Lohse, Caroline Mackey, Holden Mackey, Ellison McLane, Josephine McMahon, Emily Mildner, Libby Mildner, Mason Miller, Kylie Olson, Abby Pardridge, Dane Pardridge, Bradley Ruetten, David Ruetten, Tyler Schultz, Logan Sims, Nicole Skrzypek, Matt Slider, Josh Smith, Libby Swedberg, Andrew Tatum, Alex Vargas, Abigail Wagner, Tatum Wagner, David Wanner, Noah Wester, Anna Westhoff, Asher Wiegartz, Riley Wiegartz, Aleida Wilkins, Madison Williams, Morgan Williams, and Athena Ye.

            DCST’s next meet is next Saturday, November 5 at home against McHenry County and Green County, WI.