2012 LAC Partners & Links
Meet Highlights

Greetings all Aquacowboy Families!  What a great meet you all put on and what a great meet the kids swam! 

Thank you all parents for your energy in hosting a meet where we raised money, and also had more LAC swims than at any other meet in our history:  447! 

Here are some highlights from the meet: 

70% best times

New A times:  Annelyse, Sophia P., Taber, Alden, Megan H., Kate H., Franco, Jared T., AnneMarie, Nicolette, Sofia M., Gabe, Brandon

New JO times:  Chris, Paige, Kate H., Turner, Tucker, Leah, Tori, Taylor

New FW/PRT times:  Caroline

New Team Records: 

Alden 7-8 boys 25 fr

Caroline 9-10 girls 50fr, 100fr, 200fr, 50bk, 50fl, 100fl, 200IM (last 2 meets) 

Paige 9-10 boys 50 fly

Turner 11-12 boys 200 IM


It was a great experience to see so many LAC swimmers rooting each other on and giving their all in each race. 

Unfortunately, some of the behavior outside of the pool deck was below LAC standards.  Please make sure that you are always behaving in a respectful manner toward the property and space of others when you are at a swim meet.  If you are unsure of whose chair you are sitting on or whose pop up you are sitting under, please ask and be respectful and polite. 

Thanks again LAC BOD, Meet Director Ananth, and all volunteers for your dedication to making our team great.  The feedback from other coaches was positive and the kids had a great time! 

Coach Alex