Letter re:Neptune Volunteer Fair held last week

Dear Neptune Families,

Thank you for participating in the volunteer Job Fair held last week.   It was wonderful seeing our seasoned Neptune parents continuing to support our children as well as meeting our new parents.  I hope that we were able to provide you with some volunteer opportunities to help you fulfill your volunteer obligation.  We are currently working on creating teams of people who have expressed interest in the same volunteer opportunities.  Our hope is for those teams to be trained so that the team operates more efficiently and consistently both on deck and off deck.  

As you are aware, every family has a volunteer commitment of at least 24 hours per year. We are indebted to our parent volunteers because our success as a swim team organization depends upon you throughout the year. We have continually found it more difficult to fill required positions at our last hosted swim meet.  In light of this difficulty, we strongly encourage your continued volunteer support even after you have fulfilled your minimum 24 hour commitment.

I will also reiterate our great need for stroke and turn officials.  For those of you who expressed an interest in becoming an Official, we have forwarded your contact information to Bill Sargis.  If you have not yet been contacted, please contact Bill Sargis at for more information in preparation for training at our next hosted swim meet in December.

The process of submitting your volunteer hours is simple.  That being said, however, we ask all families to carefully read the process steps as there have been changes made to the timing of volunteer hours submission.  Failure to follow this procedure could jeopardize the fulfillment of your total volunteer hours.

1.  For swim meets, sign up on the job sign up list.  Please note well that hours will only be submitted for those parents who sign in at the Volunteer check in desk.  Anyone attending meets who did not sign up through the job sign up list and would like to volunteer must also sign in at the Volunteer check in desk as a Walk-in Volunteer.  

2. Submit any extra volunteer hours performed at a swim meet to Pam Kezer at These hours are not directly submitted to Pam.  Therefore, you must do so within 30 days after a swim meet event – otherwise no credit will be given. 

3.  Submit any non meet volunteer hours to Pam Kezer at  You must do so within 30 days after hours are performed.

4. Check your account on the website page OFTEN.  This cannot be stressed enough. If there are any discrepancies regarding volunteer hours, contact Pam immediately.

Please contact Pam Kezer for any questions regarding the submission process.  

Thank you, again, for your participation and continued support. 


- Lisa Banks