Swim Team Update - October 26th

1. Celebration of Swimming Wrap Up - Click here to a complete wrap of the event including pictures

2. Change of Requirement to Join the Swim Team - We have changed our minimum requirement to join the team. To enter the Storm group swimmers only have to be able to swim 12.5 meters on their front or back and be comfortable in deep water.

3. New Regional and Olympic Way Coach - Emma Coe - We have a new coach on staff to assist with both the Regional Group and the Monsoon Group on Mondays. Emma comes to us with an extensive swimming backgroup in Britian and is also a personal trainer at the club.

4. Friday Relay Fun Nights - This is a new event that we will be running about once every six weeks on Friday evenings. It will be approximately an hour long with different creative relays and games. Those atteding this event do not have to be part of the swim team - So Tell Your Friends. Our next relay fun night will be in November - date to be announced soon.

5. Nutrition Talk - On November 8th we will be having a nutrition talk for athletes 8-10 year olds and their parents. This talk will be combined with the tennis program and be a great learning experience for all attendees. The cost of this talk is covered by the Team Development Fee.