2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings all Aquacowboy Families !  Thanks for another great week at the pool.  In addition to putting on a great meet, last week our parent volunteers gave us two great parties where we ate the left over food from the meet.  Special thanks to Anne M., and Jackie P. for spearheading the parties.  Also, thanks again to Ananth S. for directing such a great meet!    Thank you all parent volunteers for helping us celebrate!  Thanks also to Christina T. for helping to organize a great Halloween party with candy and a mask decorating contest. 

Here is a quote for the week: 

"Hard work out does talent when talent doesn't work hard."  

This quote was handed in by Mrs. Peters and is a great reminder to us all to do our best. 

Each month we will be selecting Swimmers of the Month from each group who have displayed excellence in :  Attendance, Work ethic, Attitude, Focus on technique, Competition, and Leadership.

Here are the swimmers of the month for October: 


N1:  Sarah Yeh , great improvements at first meet


N2:  Alden Dean , team record breaker and great attention to technique detail 


Jr 1:   Larissa Trump, near perfect attendance, great listener and great work ethic


Jr 2/ Pr Sr:  Tucker and Turner Zischka , both have several new JO's due to hard work and perseverance


SR:  Shahini Ananth , perfect attendance, four lifetime best swims at LAC meet



Today is the last day to sign up for the TRIV/LAC/NW tri meet to be held this Friday at Las Positas.  Be sure to sign up through our website and sign up for four events.  Make your $10 check payable to LAC and turn them into Dezi in the swim office.  Please mark on the swim office door if you are going to the meet and are interested in swimming relays. 


Upcoming Events: 

Triv/LAC/NW tri meet :  This meet takes place of Friday November 4th with warm ups starting at 3:45 and the meet starting at 4:30.  You must bring $2 for parking at Las Positas.  There will be no regular practice on this day as most swimmers and all coaches will be at the meet. 

Tera Sr meet:  Fri-Sun November 11-13.  Deadline for sign ups is November 2nd.  This is for swimmers with Sr 3 standards and above

Walnut Creek Last Chance Qualifier:  November 19-20.  Sign ups will close soon.  Seniors who are competing at Tera will swim Sat only.  Seniors who are not competing at Tera will swim Sat & Sun.  All swimmers with B times or higher are encouraged to swim in this meet.  This is the last chance meet to qualify for 14&un JO’s.  This year we already have more swimmers than ever qualified for 14&un JO’s, 15!:   Kate, Chris, Caroline, Shahini, Cat, Taylor, Sarah, Jenna, Josh, Tori, Tucker, Turner, Paige, Megan, and Alex G.  We also have five or six other people who are within one or two seconds of qualifying.  Let’s go LAC!  We can have 20 or more at JO’s!!!


Thanksgiving Schedule: 

This Thanksgiving Holiday we will have regular practice on the 21st-the 23rd.  On Thanksgiving Day, the 24th, we will have a Turkey Burner Practice for Junior 1- Senior Groups from 8-10 am.  Friday the 25th will be off for all groups.  On Saturday the 26th we will have morning practice from 7-10 am, (8-10 Jr 2-Pr Sr) 


New Equipment/ Training Materials: 

We are in the process of ordering new monofins with more sizes which will fit Novice and Junior Swimmers.  We will also order a handful of new tempo trainers to accommodate some of the larger groups.  We are ordering an instructional DVD series from Olympic Coach and University of Texas Coach Eddie Reese, as well as an updated resource book called Swimming in College.  Thank you all LAC parents for your fundraising efforts which allow us the opportunity to remain on the leading edge of our sport.

Character Building: 

In sports such as Martial Arts, there is a long tradition of character building that is integrated into training.  This is a very transparent part of these disciplines.  Although the sport of swimming teaches many valuable lessons, there is not a strong history of transparent character building during practices and meets.  As our mission statement clearly states, we aim at perfection in thought, speech, and action on our team.  Recently, at the LAC meet, some of our swimmers fell short of this target.  We are currently working proactively in practice on building our awareness of the importance of having strong character.  This past week the Senior group has been working with the ideas of:  Humility, Integrity, Courage, Courteousness, Perseverance, and an Indomitable Spirit.  It is our hope that these values will sink down deep into the hearts and minds of our swimmers and they will influence those around them for the better. 


 Coach Lisa: 

Some of you had the chance to visit with Coach Lisa and baby Isaac last Friday.  It seems like Lisa will have plenty of baby sitting help if she needs it.  Coach Lisa is doing great and it was great to see her and the baby.  She has done a tremendous job getting the season going for Coach Leslie and Coach Leslie has been awesome with her enthusiasm and belief in the kids!  We are fortunate to have such a great tag team working with the Novice 2 and Junior 2/ Pre Senior kids! 

Thank you all parents, swimmers and coaches for your awesome efforts this year.  It has been truly enjoyable and watching the kids improve has been extremely inspiring.  Go LAC ! 

Coach Alex