Senior Group Individual Goal Meetings Schedule

 Below is the list of available times to have your individual goal meetings.  If you are not listed below, please email me with your desired time.  Time slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  If you feel like your goal meeting will last longer than 20 minutes or if you would like to schedule your meeting outside of practice time, I am available to meet Mondays before 5:15pm, Tuesdays before 5:30pm, Wednesdays before 5:45pm, Thursdays before 5:30pm, Fridays before 5:30pm, Saturdays (when we don't have a meet) any time after 9:15am, and Sundays (when we don't have a meet) any time before 1:00pm or after 7:30pm.  If you feel more comfortable having your meeting with a friend with similar goals (needs to be a beneficial situation for both people), you may schedule a meeting with me outside of the times listed below.  

Wednesday November 2nd:

7:40-8:00pm Kristin Pettini

8:00-8:20pm Alison Murtagh

8:20-8:40pm Caroline Murtagh

8:40-9:00pm Zoe Keffer

9:00-9:20pm Casey Flanigan

9:20-9:40pm Morgan Starkweather


Thursday November 3rd:

7:50-8:10pm Aishik Lala

8:10-8:30pm Andrew Sheu

8:30-8:50pm Joey O’Neill, Danielle Voke

8:50-9:10pm Will Pannos

9:10-9:30pm Joe Turk


Friday November 4th:

6:40-7:00pm Ali Petrozza

7:00-7:20pm Anthony Petrozza

7:20-7:40pm Sophie Pasewark

7:40-8:00pm Caitlyn Fitzsimmons

8:00-8:20pm Liam Walsh, Shannon Fitzsimmons

8:20-8:40pm Aidan Walsh


Monday November 7th:

7:40-8:00pm Anasophia Gartner

8:00-8:20pm Alex Miller

8:20-8:40pm Meghan Bodette

8:40-9:00pm Miranda An

9:00-9:20pm Nadja Arifovic


Tuesday November 8th:

6:40-7:00pm __________________________________

7:00-7:20pm __________________________________

7:20-7:40pm __________________________________

7:40-8:00pm __________________________________

8:00-8:20pm Nadja Arifovic

8:20-8:40pm Liam Walsh

8:40-9:00pm Vanessa Asaro

9:00-9:20pm Rachel Asaro


Wednesday November 9th:

7:40-8:00pm Joe Carroll

8:00-8:20pm Danielle Voke

8:20-8:40pm Shannon Fitzsimmons

8:40-9:00pm Brian Poon

9:00-9:20pm _________________________________


Please contact me if you have any questions.