Winter 2011 registration is onw open

Winter 2011 -2012 registration is open from Nov 1 to Nov 17th.  Go to our home page and click on Start Registration. 

The winter season is short course yards and builds from meets in the winter culminating in the Spring with Age Group and Sr. State.  Due to the outdoor temperatures, this season is designed in a training format to get our swimmers to state.  

This is important because it is too cold to slow it down to teach stroke school and technique.  To register for this session swimmers must be 10 years or older, be able to demonstrate stroke proficiencies in all competitive strokes and be able to understand and swim sets. 

Registration to swim in this session is on-line through our Team Unified registration process. Each swimmer must register for the Club and must register for the Annual USS registration.   After you register your swimmer, print a copy of your receipt  and the annual 2012 USS registration form to turn into your coach your first day of practice.  You will not be able to enter the water until the coach collects the club receipt and the USS Form.

If you elect the pay by check option during your registration and you have not mailed in your check by the first day of practice, you must staple your check to the on-line registration form and hand your payment in with your documents in order to be added to the attendance list. If you did not print the 2012 USS form during the registration process you can access it and print from here:


Training is scheduled to begin November 14th at the Hilton. We are working on swim team use only fee details for the use of the Hilton pool.  In years past, each swimmer may swim if they are a member of the spa or they pay $20.00 a month on the 1st of the each month to get a pass to use the pool only during swim team practice. However, the $20.00 a month can not be used any other time. If you are interested in a spa the current fees are listed below. But, we may be able to get a discount by talking to the front desk manager.

The fee for membership to the spa is as follows:

single: $99 per month full use or $75 per month off peak hours (no Sat/ after 1pm rest of the week) + $200 initiation fee

couple:$139 per month full use or $109 for off peak hours + $300 initiation fee

family: $165 per month full use or $125 for off peak hours + $400 initiation fee


If you have questions please e-mail me at [email protected] or contact Head Coach AJ.

Register early, and please read and become familiar with our web site.