PresidentÂ’s Winter Session Announcement and Message:

Halloween is behind us and winter is in the air, and that means it’s time for the Sedona Swim Team to move to its “winter quarters” at the Hilton in the Village of Oak Creek.


Our Fall Session Swordfish still have wet hair and the Sedona Red Rock High School Swim Teams’ seasons are wrapping-up after the men won the State Regional Swim Meet last weekend in Phoenix and the woman took second, all under the supervision of Head Coach AJay Bronson and his capable staff.  For those Red Rock swimmers that qualified – their State Championships are this coming weekend in the East Valley.


If you haven’t done so already, check your email or log into Team Unify ( for the Registration Announcements for the SST Winter Session.  A few things to note are:


·     Registration for Winter Session is now open and will remain open through the fourth day of Winter Session swimming (17 November, 2011).  It will not be possible to register a swimmer for Winter Session after that time.

·     Winter Session swimming starts on Monday, 14 November, 2011 for those swimmers who have successfully completed registration and whose Winter Session fees and dues are performing, and whose past due accounts, if any, are no longer in arrears.

·     There will be knowledgeable SST staff or Board members, with a wired-up laptop, at the Hilton pool on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 14-16 November, to assist those swim parents who are challenged by the on-line registration process

·     The SST is now an active collaborator with Flagstaff Peak Aquatics Club (FPAC) in “Red Rocks-Peak Aquatics Club” (RPAC).  You’ll see this on your USA registration, as you set about renewing that.  RPAC is an administrative mechanism to share training facilities, including FPAC’s 50 meter pool in Flagstaff, and coaching resources at meets where neither team is there in large numbers.  We remain in every other way the Sedona Swim Team (SST), the inevitable Swordfish, but our access to pool and coaching resources has been dramatically improved by this cooperation.

·     During Winter Session, the SST will compete at both the Holiday Fest on 1-4 December, 2011 and the Prescott Plunge on 6-8 January, 2012.

·     The SST will be an active participant in a newly minted task force, whose charter is to maximize utilization of the Sedona Community Pool.  One outcome we, along with many other Sedona swimmers, are hoping for is an early Spring opening of the Sedona Community Pool.  In that eventuality, the SST will be back in its “home” pool by the start of Spring Session in early February, 2012; building from their towards the Arizona Age-Group Regionals and States, and Senior States in late March.


In closing, there’s sad news and tough news, too.  We’d like thank Craig Crawford, who recently moved to Flagstaff and stepped down from the SST Board, for years of thoughtful service to the Swordfish.  We’ll miss him and Delaney mightily and hope they’ll both “drop-in” with us now and again.


The tough news is this.  SST, through lax enforcement of “pay-to-play” and a way to casual “first name basis” business style now has accounts receivable of over $3,300.00.  This is nearly our margin of solvency.  These accounts are spread over 33 separate families.  Invoices for these past-due accounts have gone out on several prior occasions and another round is poised to go out, yet again.  Your SST Board is, of course, fully responsible to this situation and we’re well aware of this.  We’d also note that it’s your team’s precious volunteer time that is being consumed by repetitious attempts to collect.  Both as a consequence and to mitigate this scenario as we move ahead, SST is vigorously pursuing these accounts, and we will also be much more vigilant in the enforcement of “pay-to-play.”  So, please, if you’re one in this lot, get caught-up so we don’t leave our SST staff and coaches in the awkward position of sending your swimmer home with dry hair until your account is made current.


The Ridge has been a good winter home for our swimmers and I have always enjoyed seeing them at their happy toil there.  It has always been a way thoughtful and valuable gesture on the part of Hilton to provide us access to this pool at this season, year in and year out.


Congratulations to your children – Champions all.  Thanks for your thoughtful consideration of this correspondence.  I look forward to continuing the successful trajectory of the SST with this up-coming Winter Session.


I remain, faithfully in your service and open to hearing from you at any juncture.  Yours, Rand Decker