Team Parkas and Caps
  • Team parkas are sold only through the team office - not the store by the main entrance.  You may want to try on different sizes at the Splash Center Store, but DO NOT buy them there.  When you have determined the size you need, come and talk to Bev in the team office.  We will order and do the embroidary for you.  It takes about two weeks to get back a finished parka.
  • If you want customized caps with names on them, you need to place an order with Bev.  We will submit these orders about once a month.
  • Team suits are still sold through the Splash Store. New swimmers: the suit should fit very tight, too big slows you down.  It's a good idea to have two competition suits and additional cheaper suits for practice.  The same thing goes for team caps, you should always have at least one spare cap for practice and one for meets.
  • Remember - you must compete in our team suit and cap.  If you need these esentials, please take care of it before the next meet.