WSTA swim meet information

Saturday Morning   Arrival time 7:15, Timing Chairs 1

Berry, Elizabeth                                Chang, Matthew              Dygean, Frances               Garrant, Meghan

Heitz, Zachary                    Hernandez, Taylor           Hung, Cara                          Kearns, Kieran

Lujan, Kendra                    Muller, Vikram                  Sanchez, Kyria                   Stalker, Graham

Saturday Afternoon  Arrival Time 11:45 am,  Timing Chairs 1

Edelstein, Rachel              Harrington, Bradley         Johnson, Margaret          Lujan, Karoline

Matsumiya, Ariel              Norris, Angelina                                Ross, Sara                            Vetterlein, Bliss

Webb, Megan                   Widmann, Maddy

Sunday Morning  Arrival Time 7:15 am,  Timing Chairs 2

Berry, Elizabeth                                Chang, Matthew              Dygean, Frances               Garrant, Meghan

Hernandez, Taylor           Hung, Cara                          Lujan, Kendra                    Sanchez, Kyria

Webb, Chelsea                 Webb, Lauren                   Wu, Juliana                        

Sunday Afternoon  Arrival Time 12:45 pm,  Timing Chairs 0

Berry, James                      Levin, Emily                        Lipps, Sean                         Lujan, Karoline

Schubert, Rebecca          Takeda, Nicole                  Widmann, Maddy           


Please arrive at the designated times.  Have your team suits on.

 Everybody must assist in timing.  Those who are only at the meet for one day must time the day they are there.

Bring extra clothes, extra towels, drinks and food.  Bring chairs for yourself and your child.  Be ready for the rain, the wind, the sun, or the cold.  Bring Sun block, even overcast weather can cause a burn.  There will be a snack bar but nothing is better than your own stuff.

I need a family volunteer for Sunday afternoon session to bring back the Team Canopy.  Please contact me if you can do this.  You will have help to take it down, I just need you to transport it back.  You will be able to bring it back to the pool at Monday’s practice.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at:

See you on deck!!! Go Frogs!!!!