Practice locations for Nov. 7 - Nov. 12

Hi PVAC Frogs & Families!

The practice locations for this week are:

Monday, 11/7 - PV High Pool at 5:30pm

Tuesday, 11/8 - PV High Pool at 5:30pm

Wednesday, 11/9 - PV High Pool at 5:30pm

Thursday, 11/10 - PENINSULA High Pool at 5:30pm (this is due to the PV/PEN football game that is at PV High this year)

Friday, 11/11 - Stay tuned - we're working on getting into a pool earlier in the morning or afternoon...

Saturday, 11/12 - PV High at 7:30am for the senior/pre-senior/groups and 8:30am for the pre-team swimmers

I am placing a parka order tomorrow - Monday, 11/7 - anyone else interested?  Email Patty the following info:  parka size, and embroidery choice for front area - either first name, last name, or first & last name...  This is the last order I can guarantees on arrival date (normal wait time is 6 weeks). 

Have a great week!  See you on deck!