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Practice Calendar Update

Howdy Jets,

     Please adjust your monthly calendars to reflect the following changes (updated monthly calendars will be available online soon):

Friday (Nov 11th) - Sr/Jr Girls 8-9am, Sr/Jr Boys 9-11am

Thursday (Nov 17th) - Sr/Jr practices as scheduled, DEV practice added from 5:30-6:15pm

Friday (Nov 18th) - Sr/Jr practices as scheduled, AG moved to 5-6:30pm, DEV practice cancelled

Additional reminders:
1.  Athlete Entry Deadline for the home meet is NOVEMBER 10th!
2.  Event Job Sign-up Deadline for Parents - November 14th.  To run the meet, we have about 120 slots to fill - that works out to be 2-3 slots per athlete at the meet.  Most jobs do not require experience and are open to parents and sibling's.  And remember, we'll make sure that you'll be able to watch and be in contact with your athlete during the meet.  By signing up, you help to reduce the phone calls that are placed by the meet committee which has already put in dozens of hours to set the meet up. 
3.  Online merchandise orders are due by Midnight on November 20th.  Flyers were placed in folders and can be seen online by going to and typing in code LP20113.     

Take care...Coach Zac