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Swim-A-Thon reaches GOAL

On Thursday evening, with a week still left to gather pledges, we reached our initial Swim-A-Thon goal of $25,000 !  According to USA Swimming, this places us 16th in the country (currently).  They also tell us that $30,000 will put us in the TOP 10 NATIONALLY.  Outstanding !!  All the swimmers and parents should be proud of the job they have done.

Even more exciting is the race between the Elephants, Squirrels and Turtles (E.S.T.)  Less than $100 separates the teams now with the Turtles holding a slim lead over the Elephants ($8652 to $8589) ... with the Squirels close behind with $8453. 

Remember, the top 5 earners on the winning team will each get a pie to shove into the face of the coach of their choice during a special practice once the pledges have been collected or processed.  The web page thermometer has been updated to show our race toward $30,000 and we have changed the display of top pledge earners to show the top 10 now (instead of just the top 5.)

Finally, check out today's article on our Swim-A-Thon in the local paper .... and get ready for next Saturday's monings exciting event. r  .....